Wednesday 30 May 2012

cakap cakap....gila!

This is where our Nation is now at! The whole country has been treated to the spectacle of a group of grown ups prepared to do the bidding of idiots who tells them that what they are doing is Demi Kepentingan Negara, Bangsa dan possibly Ugama too! How have we come to this? How is it that something we would not allow a child to do to others this group of idiots think it is alright for them to do in front of cameras that would record their act for posterity...or should it be for posteriority? 

Then I read the other day of Tunku Aziz being 'thrown out' of DAP for  having his say on Bersih 3! That made me remember my time with Kit Siang. I wrote a number of articles which Kit Siang was kind enough to post in his blog before I started steadyaku47 - over 40 articles in total. When I started my blog I requested that Kit Siang did a link from his blog to mine every time he posted an article of mine in his blog as this would get people familiar with my blog...but did he do it? He did not even acknowledge my eventually I stopped sending him any of my articles. I had that slight suspicion that Kit Siang is not prepared to assist a fledgling Malay blogger get on to his feet! The Chinese DNA in him would not allow him to do so. Was that his problem with Tunku Aziz? I wonder.....!

These days it seems that the long knives are out for DSAI. I for one will be the first to put my hand up if questions are being asked as to the suitability of DSAI as PM - he carries to much baggage from his time in UMNO and since then his doings within PKR does him no favors. But sticks and stones may break DSAI's bones but when will these people learn that talk does not bother him? If Saiful and the Carcosa tapes cannot bury him do you think what happened when he was in UMNO can? Ease off DSAI and just let us see how Najib and DSAI carry themselves as the 13th General Election nears. To all intents and purposes DSAI is the underdog. Surely there is no need to keep kicking that guy when he is already down? And before any of you bastards starts kicking me in the nuts just remember this:I can just click you away - so do not bother!

Ayatollah Mahathir is alive and well? Tell me something I do not know! His own sense of his own self-importance will not allow him to disappear into the woodwork. He is seems to be everywhere -Kedah, Kedah and Kedah! And why should his son want to be Kedah MB? Or does HIS father wants him to be Kedah's MB? Until divine intervention intervenes you can all be rest assured that Mahathir will continue to run UMNO as if it was his own fiefdom. Can you imagine Najib standing in his way? Huh....

And who are the UMNO millionaires that will become billionaires when Felda Global enters the realms of "another projek  by Barisan Nasional?" And from there Felda Global shall go the same way as Bank Bumiputra, Sime Darby, PKFZ, NFC...maybe not in our lifetime but certainly it will go the same way as other "projek" of Barisan Nasional goes - belly up! 

What will happen in Bangsar? Nong Chik goes head to head with Nurrul? We know it, Nurrul knows it but her Father, on Azmin's insistence, will insists that she still stands - and she will become the sacrificial lamb that will strengthen Azmin's hold on PKR at the expense of PKR itself! Ahhh the pity of it all and yet DSAI is silent again in an issue that he should not be! Anwar get a safe seat for Nurrul!

The madness in KL persists....but the people still live in hope...what else is there to cling to but hope!  





  1. So what are you saying Sein? That nothing is right, just cling to hope?

  2. About LKS, take it from me that it had nothing to do with race. I stopped commenting in some DAP leaders' blogsites because my comments were not published. My comments could have been obtuse or out of context, but not obscene. So why bother? I give them the benefit of the doubt for being too busy with their work and having to deal with sabotage and so on. LKS is believed to be a loner, so I presume he looks after his own blog.

  3. Husein, you sound like you unwelcome any comments that you dont like that is being said against you so why bother complain about LKS. Exactly, you are out of touch of whats happening at the ground level in the country. Do you know that DSAI's campaigns are being stoned and eggs being thrown at them and at one incidence at Pantai Dalam, an elderly man of your age was it with a stone thrown by you can guess who? Now UMNO has got down into gangsterism business and they do openly in front of the eyes of the law. But sad to say, the eyes of the law are blinded. The eyes are trained to open to any answer given by the opposition to the provocation by these UMNO goons.
    UMNO is running scared these days. They make gatherings like 'jutaan belia' and spend rm20million of the tax payers money. They pay K-pop from Korea and allow races/drifts right in the middle of the crowds without any security measures thus sending the bystanders into ICU.
    What do you know about whats going on here in the country my friend? You only know what Petra says. The PAS just finished their do at the Alor Star stadium packed with more the 50,000 people who came on their own accord. Hope you write in neutrality.