Wednesday 30 May 2012

I Want to Get Into Trouble....

Ok Guys I want to get into trouble. Send me what you have on any damm thing that could get me into trouble and I will print it here on this blog! You will not get into trouble...because I will be the one that will get into trouble. If you are to lazy to email me or write me...just "tweetjacks" me to my facebook (whatever that means!) and I will let it ride and that should get me into trouble too.

Jesus Christ how stupid is this Barisan Nasional government?  Is MCA responsible for their President jig a jig caught on camera? Is Najib responsible for NFC -after all it was the husband of his Minister that did the dastardly deed! How about UMNO being responsible for Mahathir rescuing is son's business? And can you get Samy Velu to be responsible for the death of his son's PA....the mind boggles with the possibilities.PDRM can now hold any Malay responsible for any crime committed by another Malay!

This is what power can do...allow you to pass any stupid idiotic laws that you want without having to figure out what the repercussions will be. God have mercy on these BN lawmakers!            


  1. Dang HH, they don't deserve mercy. They need one single lightning bolt up you know where!

  2. Snort! chuckle! Well done, thanks!

  3. Though we r thought to be forgiving , these corrupt oppressive thieves from BN masquerading as leaders do not deserve mercy from either the people or God. I hope all the top BN goons from mahathir to najib live to see they day when BN is relegated to the role of opposition both at state and federal level

  4. How about selling state secrets type of trouble. Ha ha

  5. In M'sia, we say ...MALAYSIA BOLEH! and shake our heads!

  6. HH, with your permission, your readers and beyond need to act on the following:

  7. Apa ni Sein, hang dok bising bising ni,tak dapat semalam ke........

  8. They still CAN'T GET OVER the fact that they have lost the clout to control the Malaysians' minds like they did the past 40 years.

    With their MSM losing credibilty and circulation, they have been wrecking their brains for the past few years struggling to bring the control back.

    Anyone could have told them all their pathetic efforts are futile and will backfire on them.

    The earlier these dinosaurs make their exit, the faster our country get to catch up with the outside world.

  9. Sein, you are losing your readers day by day ever since you made a strong alliance on Petra's writings. Looking at you blog these days, frankly speaking, it has lost its glamour. I used to be your regular reader but now NO. I am writing to tell you to wake up.Look at whats happening in the country today. If you don't know let me remind you a few things as illustrated below:
    1. Stop associating with Petra.
    2. UMNO/BN is using gangsters to scare PR ceramah's by throwing stones and eggs.
    3. They put up their stage beside DSAI's and Nurul's or any pakatan leade's ceramah just to hurl nonsense at them, the gangster tactics.
    4. Today, it was reported, Malaysiakini's optic cables were cut, i.e. sabotage the network.
    5. They the UMNO linked NGO's have stopped attacking Dato Ambiga's frontyard but have shifted to Azmin's house area.
    6. These UMNO financed gangsters not only harass Azmin's family but also the neighbourhood.
    7. We, the rakyat are sick of these UMNO gangsters
    8. I am waiting eargely for the elections to cast my VOTE AGAINST BN. They are now a gangster party.
    9. The so called traders who are supposed to have suffered losses due to Bersih's activities turn out to be DATO JAMAL the govt proclaimed USHAWAN NEGARA 2010.He lied on the Malaysiakini news saying, he is a small time nasi lemak seller. When the bloggers EXPOSED him on the net, NOW HE HAS GONE INTO HIDING. It has been put on the Internet news how his Sekinchan Fish shops are closing down.
    Now, back to u Hussein, you keep on harping what Petra writes. Either you don't know where to get your news items or informations, I suggest you open BLOG LIST, there you will find plenty of REAL NEWS.
    Don't make us sick with your stale news.

  10. Johan I am aware of the happenings you write to me about. There are things we best discuss through our email - mine is Tell me yours and we can 'talk'.


  11. Do not worry. The lack of investment in the Internet Infrastructure will kill the internet by instalment. Already now my head is going round and dound watching the download signa. In canada the interetnet speed 20time that of waht we ger here.They will use the forms of internet to undermine its substance.

    Hidup Satu Malaysia

  12. Johan, I could not agree more with you about Se in. He has past the shelve life. Lets not bother about this old man........its slowly creeping into know what I mean.
    He should pack his bags and take the first flight home if ever again he wants write about political scenarios here...on your bike mate