Saturday 26 May 2012

Only in Malaysia......

Only in Malaysia can the President of MCA – one of Barisan Nasional’s major coalition partner, an ex Minister, a Doctor, a Member of Parliament, a Father and Husband to boot….only in Malaysia can this man make into a virtue his philandering sexual high jinks caught on camera: caught not with his pants down to his knees but caught au natural doing what any dog in heat would be doing to any bitch he finds within reach!

Come on lah Chua Soil Leak….any other decent thinking human being would have the decency to just fade into the woodwork so as to not embarrass his wife and children anymore then necessary…but not you! You are a trained psychologist who should understand the immense social pressure your long suffering wife and children must be undergoing having your private affairs air out on the public domain. Yes you did have the common sense to put your hands up and admitted “Guilty as Charged” only because the evidence that dammed you is irrefutable! What else could you do?

Ok lah those guys in MCA think you are good enough to be their President despite or in spite of your jig a jig caught on camera…but then if you look at the past President of MCA’s I think you are keeping good company with crooks, liars and now you seem to take it to another level, even for MCA! It is now acceptable for those aspiring to be a President of MCA to screw around! Where got standard lah? Surely even for the practical Chinese mentality this is a new low!    

Chua you are damaged goods! Soiled goods! You are the type of President that gives the Chinese a bad name. You are one of those idiots that make politics in Malaysia what it is today –  a shameful litany of sexual excesses that those who are rich and politically powerful think is their birthright to indulge in! Of course you do not give a ‘crap’…you are ‘crap’ yourself! With politicians like you who needs to vote Barisan Nasional? 


  1. Only in Malaysia a non Malay like Soi Lek can think and live like a Malay who thinks and lives like an unMalay. Only in Malaysia a Malay can outdo sins and scandals and outrun his religion, as long as he remains powerful. Soi Lek cannot remain in power without being Malay first to live a sinful Chinese.

  2. I always wonder what is inside the skull of this guy and now I know - it's crap. CSL obviously only think with his dick!
    I'm going to get an orgasm when he goes down in infamy as the last president to bury MCA.