Thursday 3 May 2012

Is Najib the lesser of the two evils?

Is this what our country is now reduced to? That our people are left to choose between two evils? Anwar or Najib to lead them after the 13th general election is done with? Are there no more noble leaders amongst us upon whom can be conferred the privileged of being a leader of our Rakyat? Or is all this a figment of our imaginations and in truth Najib and Anwar are men of courage, ethics and morality in their own right and both deserve to take over the mantle of leadership and save our country from the brink of bankruptcy, chaos and mayhem that we now seems to be slipping under?

What happened at Bersih 3 is purely a manifestation of our frustration and disappointment of the state of affairs that we now find ourselves in. And when we say “WE” I use it in the same context as the royal “WE” that the Queen of England uses it when referring to herself and her husband Prince Philip. Supporters of Pakatan Rakyat and of Barisan Nasional are Rakyats of Malaysia. The thugs and goons within PDRM are also Rakyats of Malaysia. All who call Malaysia home are Rakyats of Malaysia. All of us have our gripes and our complaints about how things are done in Malaysia –by BN and PR.

Why it has come to a choice of the lesser of the two evils is arguable – and today we will argue!

I will first start pointing fingers at Pakatan Rakyat -  mindful of the fact that while one finger is pointing towards Pakatan Rakyat, four more are clenched my way – because what I write in my blog has been for Pakatan Rakyat warts and all. Is it because many of us are so enamored with ABU  - to have anything but UMNO  - that we have given free rein for Pakatan Rakyat to do what it needs to do to win this general election? And what happened at Bersih 3 is a good example of what Pakatan Rakyat is prepared to do to create chaos, mayhem and allow PDRM brutality to rear its ugly head again? And before you say why do I say Pakatan Rakyat and not just DSAI – well is not DSAI leader of Pakatan Rakyat? And is not DSAI as its leader representative of what the organization he leads is? If Anwar is deceptive then PR is deceptive. If Anwar is courageous, then PR is courageous? You be the judge of what DSAI did at Bersih 3 – because I was not there and what I see on youtube and the media is not gospel….but while the first reaction from our people has been righteous anger at the brutality of our PDRM towards our people it cannot be denied that as cooler heads prevailed, questions are now being asked as to what really happened to provoke PDRM into its SOP mentality! So go figure out yourself what really happened because I am not here to argue on that – what I am here for is to argue about the lesser of the two evils choices that we are now faced with!

Now Najib was not anywhere in the vicinity of Bersih 3 though you can take my word for it that he has as much interest in its outcome as any one else. He knows that Besih 3 is building up momentum in its ability to move the masses to demonstrate for free and fair election. This ‘free and fair election’ demand is a no brainier! Anybody who can think rationally – and that includes Najib – can do nothing else but agree to it! About the only person that will not agree with it will be that great man – Mahathir – and you and I know that at this point of his life just being able to get up in the morning is a blessing he is grateful for! So Najib, whether he likes or not, must agree that we must have a free and fair elections too.

Now what we need to work out is how these two hulublangs or warriors will interpret what this ‘Free and Fair Elections’ should be! And again what is free and fair to Najib may not be so to DSAI and vice versa – so these two can do what they think is right, but we decide! And having decide, we vote!

And that is where we are now! How to decide?

I tell you now that the elections will be in September! And I tell you now that I am trying to decide which of the two is the lesser of the two evils! Those who have made up their minds on this matter may have to do some rethinking as September looms nearer simply because the art of politics is in doing the impossible. What is more impossible then UMNO losing the general election or DSAI leading Pakatan Rakyat into Putrajaya? So I think it is best that your keep an open mind on this matter. For now…watch this space!     


  1. Hi Pak Husen.. Pqak Husen mengundi di mana ?? just asking laa....

  2. Noble Leaders other than the two characters, Pak Husen?
    Nope, unless Malaysians open the door to others instead of just Malays?
    Do you see any UMNO leaders you would want to put in the PM's shoes? MCA? Boh ! MIC? Poorah! Gerakan? Haha! Sabahans or Sarawakians? Maybe but not sure as they are not that exposed to us.
    PAS? Yes, 1 or 2 or maybe 3 newer faces. DAP? Quite a few (if you are honest with yourself without all those Ketuanan Melayu thoughts).

  3. Pak Oncu....mengundi not possible. Never done that in my life....but write canlah!

    If truth be told race is not an issue with me....but as Henry Ford once said of his can have any color you want as long as it is black! The reality of Malay numerical advantage ensures that the Malays will have their say in who will be PM....and if they say anybody can be PM of Malaysia as long as he or she is Malay...than what can you or I do?

  4. Wow....i almost forgot about steadyaku back hah.....back on who is the lesser evil between the two rotten is the head of umno and the other is the former umno big shot who is out for revenge...I guess every Malaysian knows how to make of the two but every Malaysian also knows that it's not just about the two of them's beyond them,perhaps maybe anwar replacing najib is just a temporary measures,perhaps anwar is still not the person we are looking for,so be it....the search for the right person will not fact we will keep searching until we find one who is suitable and can be rely on to bring this country back on the right path......the search continues.

  5. Lesser of the two evils? Najib is not one but two. Dont forget Rosmah the other evil half. So how to compare? For sure this team is the undeniable evil. So? Vote them outlah!

  6. Is a real pity Malaysia is in such predicament. Why didn't God give us two Angels ??? So does it means that Malaysia is really going to be doomed?? No matter what we Malaysians must make sure it doesn't. I believe an Angel is out there. When the time comes God will reveal to the Rakyat.

  7. between a rock and a hard place.

    voting both = death of Malaysia.

    but BN gives us a window time to to TRULY change things not for the benefit of Anwar and his cronies but for the people.

    Another crime is getting ridiculous these days, these Fg police need to lay off easy jobs like rounding Anwar's whores and tackle real criminals.

    Robbers, raper, and now robber - beggars. The number of times I had to fend of criminals myself has become joke.

    Rela was a good thing until assholes like Ambiga campaigned to have their wings clipped.


  8. oh ah jib kor is the better of the 2 evils- submarines n missing person lah, jib said in umno rally - he feels like seeing the king - WAH BETUL KA>> CORRECT CORRECT CORRECT