Sunday 27 May 2012

Cakap cakap...Najib and Anwar. Siapa tahan pressure?

I may have my differences with Anwar Ibrahim but I must tell you that as I saw him walk again into court  - this time for Bersih 3 –I cannot but have respect and a sense of pride that I know that man. The same sense of pride that I felt when I saw him react coolly to those goons forcing their way into his Damasara house to arrest him many years ago. The same feeling I had when I saw him with a black eye but his pride defiant as ever as he made his way into court years ago.

This man has etched into my mind many memories of how brutal and indecent those with power can be. Of course I speak of Ayotallah Mahathir then and Najib now! Never forget what they say of power – that it corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

We, unfortunately, have seen it at its worst in the behaviour  of our Prime Ministers that uses it for evil rather then good, for themselves rather then for their people and for the purpose of consolidating that power within themselves rather then for the people and nation.

That is why when we see a senile and ageing Mahathir trying to make his feeble contribution to prop up an UMNO that is past its used by date – we are amused.

That is why when we see Najib sweating profusely while trying to bribe the people with millions to vote for a Barisan Nasional candidate – we are amused.

And this morning when I saw Najib trying to ‘manage’ a pro Bersih crowd in London as he was trying to speak – it amused me. It amused me because I know that Najib simply do not have the balls and the guts to handle difficult situation well. It is one thing to be surrounded by UTK officers and his Staff at Putrajaya when he is meeting with other people and he can act Presidential….but put in on stage where he is out there by himself and give him a hostile audience…he is going to wets his pants! And that was what happened in London recently when he tried to speak and was heckled by pro Bersih activists! Go watch the video  "Bersih Protest In London (An Evening with Najib)" on YouTube and have a good laugh at his expense! Hell I think even Rosmah would have been able to handle the situation better!


  1. Watermargin says......

    Tok Sein I thought Najib handles it very well, very gentlemanly.Though I am anti unmo I think you have not given that guy some credit lately. You too have have gone aboard the umno bashing train I guess. And now some softspot for that former hearthrob of yours people flip flop.I guess it goes the same for you mate.still I think you should stick to either grandchildsitting, laundry,dishwashing to pass your sweet time sir.

  2. Octo is so desperate putrajaya boys and girls are just steering clear of his warpath as he unleashes all forces (msm, pdrm, pekida, perkasa) on his target; pakatan. His focus has shifted from his usual target DSAI. Watch the signals.
    So chisel away, Rakyat. The cracks are deepening and widening.

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  4. Grow up will ya........

  5. Yes, he sweats, he shivers, he wets his face.

    Saw him doing that May 15, 2010,in Sibu when he delivered his famous "lu tolong gua, gua tolong lu" in Rejang Park.

    That's the calibre and true colour our Prime Minister !

  6. And now apple polishing Anwar. Come on Husin, I would rather you go continue bashing Anwar. At least I know which side you are. Like it or not, we have to take sides here. It's either Najib or Anwar. You can't have both.