Thursday 24 May 2012

cakap cakap....status semasa.

There will be some of you that will be reading this while having breakfast. Some are just about to start your working day and have a few minutes to spare and stop by to read what I have written today. Though I suspect most of you only have time to surf the net in the evenings after your work is done for the day, dinner is over and what time is left between going to sleep and another day tomorrow is yours to do as you please.

Whoever you are and at what time or place you choose to read what I write I want to say thank you for reading what I write. Those who know me personally will again be perplexed as to what has been happening in my life. I take each day as it comes and live it the best way I can. You should try that too. It takes away a lot of life uncertainties that always seems to lurk just beyond your control.

I have not written in steadyaku47 for quite a while. As I have said in the past, do not try to second-guess what it is that I do. There is a simple explanation as to why I have not done my work here. I am no longer in Adelaide. The relocation has taken its toll on me physically, emotionally and financially – and on a more practical level my work on steadyaku47 has suffered considerably.

By next week my broadband Internet connection will be in place, I will be settled in my present abode that overlooks the skyline of the city that I am now in (and where I am now is for me to know and for you to ponder!) and I will be ready to resume my work on steadyaku47. What direction I take, what causes I choose to propose or oppose is, as always, a work in progress and a decision I make based on considerations that are mine and mine alone. Until then, in the words of one of our friends…shalom!


  1. HH, moving can be taxing/ greying/draining at any age but welcome back!

  2. Hope better feng shui for you, Pak!

  3. Welcome back Sir! I miss your writings. I admire your courage and your love for Malaysia.