Saturday 26 May 2012

Cakap cakap...Mahathir dah Nyanyok ka?

This morning I see that Ayatollah Mahathir is writing about 'Politik Malaysia' in his Che Det blog. 

What does he talk about? “Kuasa kekal” permanent power…that is what was in his bloody head when he was in power and that is still is what is in his bloody head now that he is over 80 years old! “POWER”. At least This guy is consistent!

Ayatollah Mahathir talks about what problems DSAI, Tengku Razaleigh and Pak Lah has caused UMNO ….always others are the problems! Never him! Same situation with Mugabe, Saddam Hussein, Gadaffi and Mubarak...always others are to be blamed, never themselves!

And he goes on to say that “Kerajaan Barisan Nasional telah "membawa banyak kemajuan dan nikmat kapada rakyat” ….woi Ayatollah I think kerajaan BN has brought more “nikamt dan kejayaan” to your family, your cronies and BN politicians then to all the Rakyat put together!

Yes the elections have so far not been able to “jatuhkan BN”..…but what happened in the 12th GE is a start…is it not? Did you all not wet your pants thinking of possible defeat then…and are you all not again wetting your pants now thinking of the possible defeat of BN at this 13th GE and the thought of you all having to spend time in jail for your abuse of political power while in government? If losing five states at the last 12th GE is not an indication of things to come…what is?

And he makes a reference to the “kuku besi”…iron fist lah – ways of the Arab Government, which, Tun says, the BN government has never indulged in! Woi old man what about the ISA? What about Memali? What about Ops Lallang? What about the whacking of your own people during Bersih demos?

True these are nothing compared to what the people in the Arab countries experienced from their own iron fisted regimes …but it is a matter of degree!

When did the people of Malaysia start getting beaten by their own Police force? Under BN!

When did our people start being murdered while under Police custody? Under BN.

When did an ex DPM got beaten by the IGP? Under BN!

I agree with you TUN that the brutality showered by PDRM on our people is nothing when compared to what is happening in the Arab countries but the brutality of our own PDRM to our people is something our people have never experienced before! We will not tolerate it even if our PDRM so much as touch any of our own people for no other reasons then for wanting to express their desire to want a free and fair elections – what more whack them senselessly!

You also said that the opposition is always making false allegations and claims that the “Kerajaan Menipu!” What is NFC all about? PKFZ, the purchase of those submarines…these are not “kerajaan menipu?” Are these are not attempts to “memburukkan image kerajaan?”

Tun, you and Barisan Nasional are the very people who  “memburukkan image kerajaan!”

You ‘memburukkan image kerajaan!’. Look at how rich your own children are. 

You ‘ memburukkan imej Kerajaan’ when we see the one sided IPP agreements for your cronies. 

You ‘memburukkan image kerajaan’ when the Minister in your cabinet take their oath of office in jest because they then proceed to enrich themselves from the proceed of their political career in your government to their hearts contents at the expense of your own Rakyat!

Tun if anybody ‘memburukkan image kerajaan’ you started it yourself!

And then he paints an image of ‘huru hara’ and mayhem as what he claims are the opposition attempts to incites the population to violence just so they can gain government! What idiotic drivel and rubbish is this old man talking about?

This BN government controls the Armed Forces, the Police, RELA…..and all and any force on the face of Malaysia that could be mobilized to beat the people into a whimpering useless piece of meat at anytime and at any place that they so wish it! And they talk about the people rising against such an overwhelming force to cause mayhem in Malaysia. What rubbish! He really must have gone senile…

Really Ayatollah Mahathir your rantings would be more familiar with those living in Uganda under Idi Amin! Now who amongst his children dares to tell this Ayotaollah Mahathir to be quiet……take his medications and take a short nap? Who? I rest my case....for now at least.



  2. Your write-up on Mahathir will certainly re-generate interest to your blog. Well done.

  3. Let forget mahathir and move on le tok oi.playing that same old frank Sinatra record again and again le to.such boring past time of yours.why don't do the laundry and the dishes instead too or best go fly kites

  4. I concur with Anon1800. The brief hiatus did good. Keep at this mate!

  5. Some people are addicted to grass,some to crack cocaine,some to alcohol and some like mahataik to politic and abuse of power......addiction and man,an inseparable combination........

  6. Zorro,
    Brief hiatus? it's more of a sabbatical leave I reckon.

  7. At such an age, this old man still has so much venom in his soul. I wouldn't wish ill for any one but for this vile man to face God's wrath on earth.

  8. Tuan,

    What the rakyat have not been enlightened about is that although Mahathir "stepped down" as head of UMNO and PM, he made a deal with Abdullah Badawi in that Abdullah was to follow his way (he wanted to remain the unofficial power behind the scenes)during Badawi's tenure as PM. He chose Abdullah Badawi thinking that the guy was so timid that all his instructions will be followed to the letter!

    Lo and behold the timid guy was not so timid after all and this Mahathir though was due to Badawi's son in Law Khairy Jamaluddin. He turned back his sights on both Badawi and Khairy and started his campaign to unseat Badawi. He was successful but not totally for KJ survived...

    Having got rid of Badawi he went on to annoint Najib Razak with the same deal (follow me or else!!). What we are seeing now is the result of his handiwork with Najib literally powerless and buffeted by all and sundry and need to consult him on every move!

    When people say that Malaysia is flying on autopilot, it is only partly true for it is being piloted by a near 90 year old man!!

    Are we going to let that go On!!

    Now he is determined to hold on to power trying to do a repeat of the May 13th Tragedy!! All must be warned not to let him succed for Malaysia cannot afford another May 13th.

    Joe Black

  9. REALLY.

    This old man is fighting for his sons survival. Can you imagine how worried he is as a father that he has no more power to protect his sons?

    It's not for anybody else. Not his closest buddies. It's all about his sons.

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