Friday 21 September 2012

cakap cakap...Che Det dah Nyayok ka?

There have been many things written and said about the recent film deemed insulting to Muslims made in the USA that even our Che Det have written

Addendum to “Freedom of Expression”, updated Sept 19, 2012

1. Hillary Clinton says the film insulting to Muslims cannot be stopped because of freedom of expression.
2. The French and Italian papers published photos of a naked Duchess of Cambridge. Now a French court has ordered the publishers to surrender all the pictures to the royal couple and to stop publishing them. The Italians are also going to do the same.
3. So freedom of expression is selective, not to be used against a countess but okay for the prophet of the Muslims.
4. I know there are many hypocrites in the West but this is the mother of all Western hypocrisy.

May I respectfully (respectfully not because he is the former Prime Minister of our Nation but respectfully because he is older then me!) point out to Che Det that what the Duchess of Cambridge and her husband did to stop further publication of her naked photos did not cost any lives nor did it cause any of the mayhem and physical damage that resulted from the demonstrations by Muslims worldwide protesting at the film deemed insulting to Muslims! The Duchess of Cambridge went through a process that all those protesting against the film deemed insulting to Muslims could also go through in America to protest about that film but choose not to do so – instead by their actions worldwide, Muslims have caused lives to be lost.  

Che Det further writes:

How would one feel if someone comes up to you and calls you “a bastard, the offspring of sex between your mother and some man who is not your legally wedded father.”
Well how would one feel? The Americans would feel nothing because in their society this is normal. Their mothers sleep around with just about anybody. That is the norm, they would say. So do their fathers. It is an expression of the equality of the sexes.

Surely Che Det is being mischievous here! He says that it is normal for American mothers and fathers to sleep around with just about anybody…this is unbecoming of a former Prime Minister to accuse Americans of doing so and he should know better!

There is more truth in the statement that Che Det is a Mamak…(and a corrupt and arrogant one at that!) or more exactly a pendatang from Kerala than his statement that it is normal for mothers and fathers in the USA to sleep around with just about anybody! May I be so bold as to say that maybe Che Det should look into the sexual activities of those within Barisan Nasional and UMNO (the party that he was once President of!) that can surely rival even those of the Americans!   

Let me tell you what I think of this film deemed insulting to the Muslims.

I do not have an opinion on this matter. There are other things that interest me, that require my attention. I choose to ignore the act of an insignificant film maker that deliberately chooses a subject that he knows will provoke certain factions of society and by so doing, he knows will gain him the exposures he craves. End of story


  1. Che Det is vicious! He insults the American people. He wears his smirks. He thinks he can say anything he likes. He claims freedom of expression. He is the Devil Himself!


    Kita sudah begitu banyak melalui peristiwa kutukan kafirun terhadap Nabi saw, namun organisasi yang membentengi umat Islam sejagat seperti OIC dan negara-negara Islam yang kaya masih dalam keadaan selesa dan tidak mengambil peranan sebagai badan yang memperjuangkan ketinggian Islam sehingga hari ini walaupun satu masa dulu ada orang MELAYU UMNO bernama Abdullah Badawi pernah mengetuai badan tersebut ... jadi perkara ini akan pasti terus berulang tanpa rasa ketakutan dari perlaku-laku yang biadap dari puak kafirun ...

    Saya lebih merasakan kita harus memperbaiki keadaan dalam NEGARA kita sendiri dan harus berusaha meletakan ISLAM di tempat yang sewajarnya jika kita ini mengakui pengikut Nabi saw.. ...

    Terdapat contoh-contoh jelas bahawa UMNO mengkhianati orang ISLAM lebih dari bangsa asing maupun puak kafirun dalam negara ini. Contoh yang masih begitu ketara dan masih menunujukkan yang UMNO lebih ganas dari puak kafirun diluar adalah PERISTIWA PEMBUNUHAN ORANG ISLAM SECARA BERAMAI-RAMAI DI MEMALI. Tidak lama lagi kita akan melalui menenemui tarikh keramat 19 November, apabila kita harus mengenang kembali para syahid yang gugur atas perintah manusia-manusia bertopengkan syaitan yang menjadi pemimpin UMNO ketika itu yang masih ALLAH panjagkan umor mereka yaini MAHATHIR MOHAMAD dan MUSA HITAM. Kedua manusia yang bertopengkan syaitan ini sudah pasti akan mendapat tempat khusus mereka dalam NERAKA jahanam kerana membunuh pejuang ISLAM yang sedag berusaha menegakkan kalimah ALLAH sebagai dasar pemerintahan.

    Bau hanyir darah masih melekat di tubuh badan Mahathir dan Musa Hitam hingga ke hari ini, atas rasa kebencian mereka terhadap ISLAM. Mereka adalah PEMBUNUH ORANG ISLAM yang masih dihadapan kita, bukan BUSH, bukan CLINTON, bukan OBAMA, atau bukan PUTIN tapi ORANG MELAYU yang tidak mahu melihat kalimah ALLAH tertegak sebagai tunjang pemerintahan negara ini. Mereka bukan BACILE atau RUSHDIE tapi mereka MELAYU UMNO yang benci kepada ISLAM ....

    Jika kita disibukan oleh musuh ISLAM dengan kuman diluar negara, apakah kita BUTA terhadap GAJAH-GAJAH dan SRIGALA GANAS yang benci pada ISLAM dalam tanah air kita sendiri ....

    Satu HARI ISLAM akan pasti membawa kemenangan dan keadilan buat pejuang-pejuang ISLAM yang mati di MEMALI ... Ingat 19 November tarikh keramat UMNO membunuh ISLAM


  3. Yes, Steady, you are absolutely right on your take of the video. The christian extremists are just trying to stir up the muslims. Ignore it and it will die a natural death.

    Just like what the American soldiers used to say in Vietnam:

    "Eff it! It don't matter"

  4. Yes, Steady, you are absolutely right on your take of the video. The christian extremists are just trying to stir up the muslims. Ignore it and it will die a natural death.

    Just like what the American soldiers used to say in Vietnam:

    "Eff it! It don't matter"

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  6. if only more people like you are or were in umno
    if only more people like you helm or helmed umno
    if only more people realised this
    and if only more umno members DID SOMETHING ABOUT THIS much much earlier,

    then possibly, just possible, the exchange rate today will be RM1=SD2.7 instead of RM2.7=SD1

    our country is blessed with so much compare to Sin who have almost no natural resouces, yet we are no where in comparison to them in almost any area we choose to benchmark against.

    People, please wake up now. Doing so after GE is too late.