Thursday, 6 September 2012

The issue today is all about keeping a certain group of corrupt, arrogant and self-serving group of people in power!

The issue headlining the coming 13th general election is not 1Malaysia. It is not about the implementation of Hudud or about Islam being under threat from the Christians. Not about Ketuanan Melayu against the “OTHERS” and not even about whether the Sultans should or should not go to Kingdom come….though I have my own thinking about that…but that can wait for another day. It is not even about keeping Barisan Nasional in power!

The issue today is all about keeping a certain group of corrupt, arrogant and self-serving group of people in power!

It is only with political power can these group of political leaders and those who have abetted them in their economic crimes against our people and our Nation remained at large. Only political power can prevent their prosecution and punishment for the crimes they have perpetrated upon our Nation.

Only with political power will they escape being held accountable for the abuse of their executive power while holding high public office.

In the last general election, for the first time since Merdeka, we deny these people their two-third majority in Parliament and in doing so we deny them the ability to have as merry a time as Mahathir has been having at our expense during his 22 years of being Prime Minister!

Why is it that when in 1987 these people quarreled amongst themselves as to who amongst them should be President, why should it result in the removal of three of our most senior Judges and until today, affect the fundamental administration of Justice in this Nation of ours?

The audacity of this group of people within UMNO who claims to represent the Malays has peaked to the extent that they now believe that they, and only they, can maintain stability and bring prosperity for all Malaysians.

This is the same group of people who have spectacularly failed the Malays through the New Economic Policy. Failed to uplift the Malays not only globally but even within the context of Malaysia!

There is no “Bumiputra Captalist Class”! Perish that thought! What “UMNO Bumiputra Capitalist Class/Over privileged Bumiputra Class” that have existed and now exists have ALL (without exception) been bailed out by the largesse of UMNO because it serves the purpose of this group of people to do so. There is no dignity in belonging to this class…no dignity at all…only the unseemly and undignified scrambling for projects, cash handouts and grants that we only get to know about when -as they all invariably do sooner rather then later - when they all failed!

Everything this group of people have done do is qualified by race! Everything against what they do are “sensitive issues” not to be discussed as they affect “national security.”

The terms and conditions of the IPP’s cannot be discussed because it affects national security! For sure the billions that these people and their cronies make affects ‘national security’ because if the people gets to know about how much of their money have been lost….…all hell will surely break lose!

There is no national integration and no nation unity! All that they have done is to separate the Malays from the non-Malays – a separation deliberately conceived to allow them to divide and rule the population of this Nation to allow them to hold on to power.

They have denied us all our right to know how they have run this Nation of ours to the ground – politically, economically and ethnically. Now in this 13th general election what shall we deny them? Government?  Why not?

Yes in the past the people have chosen stability and the promise of prosperity over justice by voting for these people. Today we no longer care for stability if in having stability we have to put up with a civil service that does the bidding of its political masters, put up with a corrupt PDRM and a MINDEF that has become a cesspool of money making opportunities. Do you think that what Najib has done to buy the election is real and sustainable? Are you all not fed up of economic and government policies that are really election policies.  

In the past UMNO has continued to lose the support of the Malays but somehow the Chinese were still solidly behind Barisan Nasional because they think that there was no viable alternative to UMNO that could ensure stability and prosperity for Nation.

Prosperity we already have!

To day we no longer care for stability as much as we care for Justice, Personal Freedom and an end to Corruption! Do we need to deny them political power to get all this?  Yes we do! If so then let us do it now at the 13th general election!

For Pakatan Rakyat there is only one way and one way only to win.  Get enough seats in Parliament for a simple majority to form government.

But for Najib there are so many ways to lose!

For Najib even if one of Barisan Nasional MP loses his seat, Najib has lost to Pakatan Rakyat.

For Najib not getting two thirds majority in Parliament is losing to Pakatan Rakyat and to Muhyiddin!

For Najib losing one state to Pakatan Rakyat is losing to Pakatan Rakyat and to DSAI. He will also lose the Presidency of UMNO and lose the PM’s post to Muhyiddin.

So many ways to lose, so many ways to no longer be Prime Minister of Malaysia, President of UMNO…now tell me who has most to lose?

Yes we will vote Najib and BN out because we want Freedom and Justice but we also want our money back…and that is why the issue today is about bringing this group of people to Justice. It is about holding them accountable for the abuse of executive power in high public office for personal gain.

Today Pakatan Rakyats manifesto is to defeat Barisan Nasional and restore Justice to the people of this Nation. And DSAI leads that coalition! And we start by putting into power this responsible group of people that will ensure that government is by the people, for the people and of the people! ABU!


  1. If most Malays thinks like you our country will not come to this stage. Trouble is, most Malays keeps supporting Umno thinking that it is the only party that can protect their interests and look after them well. Even one ex-PM said Umno is rotten to the core and corrupt from bottom to the top and the government consists of half past six fellows. That was of course during Abdullah's time when he was put into cold storage. Now that Najib is the PM he is praising the government sky high and ask for our support. How do we expect Malaysia to compete with other countries when these jokers are in control? To have a better government the Malays must change their way of thinking.

  2. My dear Anon,

    Why do you worry about "most Malays keeps supporting UMNO"? Why not worrying about why ALL 100% non-Malays are not rallying behind the opposition if that can bring about the tip of power balance that can give a real meaning between life and death of that damned bloody UMNO? I guess all non-Malays hate about is Ketuanan Melayu and everything UMNO, but why are they not fully united to band under the opposition so that most Malays who supported UMNO will face 100% non-Malays plus some Malays in the GE13?

  3. Anon 10:47

    Since GE 07 the Malays had already begun voting for PAS (and Semangat 46 then) and now for PR in increasing numbers.

    But the non-Malay components of BN were relied upon to deliver the key votes to Mahathir's UMNO and that remained so up to GE 12.

    Even now we have many non-Malays with minds so clouded cannot find/do not want to support the Malays in PAS and PKR because of hudud and Anwar/Azmin/whatever.

    So the non-Malays will still shut their eyes and blindly vote for UMNO/BN?

    Non-Malays for paradigm shift, reset button, change of air, whatever.... Please vote eyes open and minds clear with the Malays in GE 13!

  4. My dear FMZam
    I fully agreed with you but for this coming GE I can safely say the non-Malays, especially the Chinese will be fully supporting PR regardless the candidates are from Pas or PKR. It is the Indian votes that are difficult to predict as they're known to change their minds if some goodies are given to them come election time, especially those working in the estates. BN is smart and MONEY is their main weapon.