Monday 17 September 2012

Cakap cakap...How will it end for UMNO?

How does it feel to know that maybe, in the not too distant future - first quarter of 2013 at the latest – you will no longer be Prime Minister of Malaysia? That you will no longer be the First Lady of Malaysia (though self proclaimed as it were?). Think! You are no longer the center of attention. Your words no longer carry any weigh with those who once jump to your every whims and fancies? Quiet a sobering thought if these things are important to you is it not?

For those whose belief in ALLAH is firm and genuine this will not be too much of a problem. Pak Lah is such a man – he is content with the place that he now finds himself in. There is no desire within him to go back to those days when he was Prime Minister of Malaysia. He has done it all and now he will let go of all that came with power and the status that such a position accorded him. He is comfortable within himself.

For those that still crave for power, recognition and a sense of self-importance that is no longer theirs, it is hard. It is hard to accept that you are no longer relevant to the political dynamics of UMNO and this Nation of ours. Hard to accept that all the trappings of power, the awe and the so called reverence of those that seek your attention while you were Prime Minister is now no longer around you.

So how will it be for those in UMNO who staked so much importance to the power and wealth that political position in government gives them–how are they now preparing themselves for the possibility –the real possibility – of defeat at the 13th general election?

It is not just a figment of Pakatan Rakyat’s imagination that UMNO might no longer hold power after the 13th general election!  This is not just a possibility that UMNO will no longer be in government after the 13th general election that disturbs these politicians – it is what comes with losing power that frightens them! So much so that they have all begun to think of what will come should that defeat become a reality.

My thoughts go back to the final moments of Hitler, Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi. All were powerful tyrants who ruled over their people with contempt for anybody’s interest but their own. All of them, when at their height of their power, walked the world stage with arrogance and complete confidence that their rule would go on and on and on. And all of them at the last conscious moments of their life must have thought back to those glory days and must have asked themselves “Where did I go wrong? What did I do wrong”

Hitler’s last hours in his bunker were surreal. He had already lost touch with reality and all that concerned him was that the Russians would not be able to display his corpse to the public after he commit suicide. The man who was responsible for the death of almost 50 million died at his own trembling hands while his whole world was crumbling around him.

Saddam Hussein walked bravely towards the hangman’s noose though only Allah knows what was in his heart when his time came to die.    
Gaddafi could not understand what it is that he has done that would make his own people want to humiliate him even as they kill him.

All of them were delusional and out of touch with the reality around them in the moments before death even as their own supporters tried to shield them from the reality that they were in. Can you see the similarity with those that were once holding political power in Malaysia and those that are, for the moment, still holding political power in Malaysia? Najib, Muhyiddin, Mahathir, Nazri, that Din guy in the Rumah Minister…even Rosmah…they all know that the 13th general election may well be their last hurrah!

Their last hurrah going into the election…not coming out of it. And what they will do now to try and cling on to power will be decided by what kind of person that political power has made them to be!

We know that Mahathir still crave for attention and thinks he still is the same Mahathir that he once was for over twenty two years as our Prime Minister! What a difference between Pak Lah and Mahathir. The former content and at peace with where he now finds himself at – in retirement. The latter all bluster without substance. He and Brahim Berok deserve each other. We see them as the Emperor without any Clothes!

But what about Najib? What will he now do to cling to power? Lying and deception are already his modus operandi. Will he now resort to outright criminality without any though to its consequences? Yes even now he is already resorting to criminality but he at least can and does hide behind the façade of his position as Prime Minister of Malaysia. His position keeps him beyond the reach of Altantuya. Beyond the abuses he scandals and financial mismanagement he perpetrated whilst in MINDEF. Beyond money politics in UMNO and Barisan Nasional and beyond the use of his executive power in government for personal and political gain. But for how long? Even Mahathir while he was Prime Minister, did not have the hatred so many of us now feel for Najib though of course Mahathir had Siti Hasmah to soften his image. Najib unfortunately is burden with Rosmah. The hatred for Mahathir came after he left office. Najib, unlike any other sitting Prime Minister of our Nation now has the ire and contempt of so many Malaysians. Too many to ignore and dismisses as merely being the empty baying of Pakatan Rakyat politicians who can now sense blood as they move in for the kill. To much anger from the people even for Najib’s people to keep away from Najib’s sensibility. And above it all we know that Rosmah’s knows that her FLOM’s position is now under threat. So what will Najib do to save himself, for he, of all people, knows that what he has done during his time in Public Office is just waiting to be put into the Public Domain for all of us to digest and for an independent Judiciary to deliberate!

UMNO is now under siege but unlike the UMNO of old, this UMNO Baru does not have the substance to weather the coming storm. Who amongst UMNO leaders now are with substance? The only thing that stands between them and us is money. Lots and lots of money that they have taken from our Nation. Without money they are nobody –not even deserving of our pity or our concern. And when that money that they have taken from us is taken away from them then what is left?

Imagine these UMNIO leaders in opposition! Who amongst them will have the stomach to stand in Parliament and face an inquisition? An inquisition in the way they have conducted themselves while in Public Office? An inquisition in the manner they have abuse the trust of the people in carrying out their duties as our Ministers? All of them face the potential of being incarcerated for deeds done and executive powers abused. No one, none of them, can stand isolated from the collective responsibility they all must accept for the plundering and pillaging of our Nation’s wealth.

If you are in Barisan Nasional now you will have to hope that what Najib’s government has done so far in the hope of BUYING victory in the 13th general election is enough!

Somehow I do not think it will be enough. The people have long memories of what they have had to put up with during UMNO reign of corruption, arrogance and self-serving government all done in the name of Ketuanan Melayu and 1 Malaysia. Huh!

Government is supposed to be one of the Pillars of Society. Politicians make up these Pillars! What sort of pillars do these Barisan Nasional politicians make! We gave this UMNO led Government the right to make laws and enforce them. They are supposed to be the good people who prevent the evil within our society from banding together to do evil on our Nation. And yet this Barisan Nasional Government mocks us by doing the stealing themselves. They use the Law Enforcement agencies to punish our own good people for offences they say is against our National interest when the truth is that it is against Barisan Nasional interests. This Barisan Nasional Government is bent on destroying our society, as we know it by using Race and Religion to divide and rule our Nation. All that they do is calculated to keep them in power and to destroy our country!  

All the values that we have known are now under severe threat. And it is not just our economy or the rule of law and order that I am talking about. All these have already been compromised and abused to advance Barisan Nasional interests. All the problems that we now have, so says UMNO, will be resolved once they are return to political power at the 13th general election. Huh!

They now use religion to control not only the Muslim in Malaysia but also put fear into non-Muslims in the name of protecting Islam. They allow extremists and power hungry politicians to use bad religion to control our people. UMNO’s religion is not Islam…it is materialism, which has insidiously infiltrated every aspect of our society like a parasite breeding greed and arrogance.

Our future lies without this Barisan Nasional government – without UMNO. It is time to enter a new paradigm with Pakatan Rakyat that will allow us all to come together and reject the cocky ways of UMNO. We need to redefine our national good to move away from UMNO’s defined path that will surely ruin our Nation – if it has not already done so.

No compromises……ABU!                    


  1. Bro !
    A very good read for action --ABU -- ABU-- ABU-- ABu--
    Umno is cornered ,time for the kill ABU ---ABU--ABU

  2. After all this years and after what they have done to the nation...... I have got only one word for this party.....STINK.

  3. Frankly, sometimes I feel like giving my support to BN's component partners like MCA, Gerakan n MIC out of sympathy as I know they will soon sink like the Titanic but the way things has been going especially the way MCA has been attacking the so-called Talam scandal, leaving out all the other huge scandals committed by UMNO, I made a wow to myself not to support them. Chua junior has been trying hard to act like a hero but always end up like a wimping baby. Like his dad he really feel no shame at all.