Friday 21 September 2012


Come join the “national threat” lists. You will be in good company! Today Waytha was told by the immigration department at the airport that he was a “threat to national security” and prohibited from leaving the country based on a prohibition order issued by the police in 2007 that may be outdated!

This was a guy who spent five years in self-exile in the UK and came back voluntary to Malaysia and now he is now not allowed to leave the country.

So what will this do to Barisan Nasional and Najib’s Razak position as Prime Minister?

It will take a few thousand more votes away from Barisan Nasional and give Muhyiddin and those in UMNO who want Najib to go, more ammunition to oust him! Why allow Waytha into the country in the first place if he is a threat to our National Security? Why allow anyone who is a threat to national security into the country? Stupid idiots!  

As for Waytha…I question his inability to understand that what this Barisan Nasional government wanted to do was to lure him back into Malaysian where they are best able to ‘monitor’ and ‘manage’ his activities that are a ‘threat to national security!’

I am no Waytha or Petra…but wild horses cannot drag me back into Malaysia in as long as this Barisan Nasional is in power!

These comments in MT is what most of us are thinking :

written by Ravi, September 20, 2012 10:38:11
Yes, perkosa is not a threat to national security. Cow head protesters who humiliated the Hindu religion are not a threat to national security. An author who called Indians in Malaysia are Pariahs and Chinese sell their daughters for money is not a threat to national security. But one who voices out for a discriminated community in a country where there is no equality and racism openly practised is a threat to national security.

written by Orang Baik2, September 20, 2012 09:21:51
Kalau nak masuk senang, semua kata boleh...tapi bila nak keluar pulak macam2 sekatan. Jadi hati2lah bro kalau nak kembali hanya kerna nak menyokong Nurul. Takut2 nanti orang2 Raja Nong Chik tunggu kat airport. wahahahahaha


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