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In Singapore meritocracy is a cunning ploy to subjugate the Indians and Malays. With more than 75% Chinese it is quite difficult for the non Chinese to get the merit scholarships and top training in universities. Over a period of years when they are excluded from top jobs then the non Chinese are no more the elites because the cannot net work and hob nob with the top echelon group of people. Look at the Singapore banks. They do not employ non Chinese.Also Singapore invests billions in China only.The Chinese do not generally patronise non Chinese businesses. Worst of all Singapore advocates a population ratio policy which manipulates to ensure that the Chinese remain more than 75% at any time.I can give many more instances of racial policies of Singapore. Look at the media, even in locally produced sitcoms the non Chinese are only used as extras or sidekick characters. When you tour Singapore look around and you will only find big businesses run by Chinese and the non Chinese are relegted to "mama" shops and fringe retailers. So please do not try to make us dumb by making itlook like the non Chinese are racists and the Chinese are angels.

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So Bro...what is Ketuanan Melayu?