Friday 7 November 2014 warned!

Ever since I started "working" on my FB these last few months I have been getting requests from people whom I do not know requesting that I add them to my list of friends. Without fail I will do so and my list of friends is now just over 400. Of course I do not know 400 friends -at most the number of friends that I have will not reach double digits but it is no sweat off my back to add to the list of friends that I have on FB. 

Lately I have begun to notice that something is amiss. I have begun to receive a number of requests from people who do not read what I write in my facebook - what more in my blog. And invariable these requests comes from young girls. Pretty young girls with alluring names and never failing to thank me for adding them to my FB and from there engage me in conversation which sooner than you can say 


leads straight to talk of "coitus" or matters thereabout. And no sooner is that subject broached an explicit and most naked foto or photo or gambar of the said young lady (so she says!) is forwarded for my viewing pleasure....and of course they requested that I too return the favor so that they could view my "whatchamacallit" with the same pleasure that they say I have had in viewing their "whatchamacallit". and there the conversation stops dead because  there is no way in hell I would do for them what they have done for me!  

The first time it happened I was taken aback at how Malay girls (yes invariable they are Malay girls!) have become so forward in displaying their "wares". The second time it happened I asked a lady friend who also happened to be a Malay - if this was a common phenomena amongst young Malay girls in Malaysia and voicing to her my suspicion if maybe there are people out there who would be trying to give me enough rope to hang myself. Ju told me that it is a scam and asked me to just delete them from my FB. 

Today there was again another request from another sweet young thing and forgetting what Ju told me to NOT to do I absently clicked her to my list of "friends"...and true enough the same modus operandi happened. The girl thanked me and started "talking" 

Trim kasih Om...confirmasi ya ...!!!

4 hours ago
Cobalah Messenger:
Met siang Om Hussein
3 hours ago
Mksih ya Om ...
sama sama...

Long story always before you can say  


She forwarded me a foto of her that would even make Madonna blush! 

I am just sharing this experience of mine so that you guys out there....especially the older ones like me...will not fall prey to these kind of scam because I believe that there must be a more sinister motive behind all these January and December kind of relationship  - possible the bloody Umno storm troopers are behind all this in order to embarrass whomsoever fall prey to these kind of scam. 

As for me....lessons learned! And my last conversation with Ida?

Ga apa apa mau liat aja..biar ereksi / ngaceng terus di poto antar ke Ida . nanti Ida antar poto yang lain
Om Hussein...sayang
Chat conversation end

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