Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Ya ALLAH...Oh GOD....these children need help!

I have seen what Russian Soldiers do to new recruits but there are times when the recruits will fight back when they have had enough of being bullied. 

But what I see in the link below is bullying/hazing gone too far....


Ya ALLAH....These are indeed extraordinary scenes. When I was confronted by the brutality of these senseless acts my mind recall seeing similar acts perpetrated by Israeli soldiers upon defenceless Palestinians children.

Now the question that need to be answered first is whether this unfortunate events did happened in Malaysia. The audio is garbled but what is audible sounds Malaysian...even maybe Malay. 

If Malaysian, where did these children learn to inflict so much suffering and pain upon other children? Who are their parents and should not the parents be held responsible for the behavior of these minors...for they are minors are they not? 

If it did happen in Malaysia than our Prime Minister (and his wife who seems to be concerned about the welfare of children in Malaysia!) should be concerned about the ramifications of such behaviour upon the future generations of Malaysian. Hell our king himself should turun padang and seek for answers!  

Words failed me in trying to express my utter disgust and contempt for the behavior of these children who take great pleasure in inflicting so much suffering on others. These are the kind of things that the AG should concern himself with. These are the kind of events that should move our national leaders to take stock of what is happening amongst our young. These are matters for all of to ponder and ask ourselves what is happening to our young and to our society in general....and keep politics out of this!

People will be angry when they see these images. People will demand answers to what has happened. This government does nothing at its own peril. 

The opposition must do their part by insisting that those children that has suffered at the hands of those bullies be first treated for any physical injuries that they have suffered and then be counseled for any mental trauma that will surely haunt them after such an experience. 

This is not something that you see, shake your head and mutter something about the state of the world...and then carrying on with your breakfast, lunch, tea or dinner. Take heed that any society that has these kind of minors is a sick society......a society that needs healing. Let us see what our Prime Minister do....let us see what the authorities do...and more critical what each and everyone of you will do to ensure that justice is done to those children that have suffered from the beatings inflicted upon them. Amen.

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