Thursday 17 June 2010

UMNO and the Malays now. What a paradigm shift looks like!

When investors talk about doing business in Malaysia they talk about “UMNO costs”. These “UMNO costs” has nothing to do with business but all to do with the greed of UMNO politicians taking a ride on the gravy train at the expense of others. During the good times such “UMNO costs’ were manageable because growth was robust. In the times we now live in these UMNO costs and corruption dampens our economic recovery.

Similarly UMNO’s ‘struggle’ for the Malays have costs the Malays a price they will have to pay for generations to come. Untruths that are oft repeated become facts. UMNO insist that the Malays cannot survive on our own – we need to be spoon-fed! The Malays demand Bumiputra privileges for themselves. The Malays squander the richness of the country through fraudulent tenders and projects costed to finance extravagant lifestyles. The Malays are rent seekers not doers!

Let me tell you now that the Malays were merely the excuse for UMNO to take for themselves what they said will go to the Malays. UMNO are the beneficiaries. Look closely at what is now happening between the Malays and UMNO. This is what a paradigm shift looks like!

The Malays are now telling UMNO: “What …you think we do not know what you do? You tell us that one day the Malays will be the master of all we survey in Malaysia”….the key word is “someday”...that someday is resurrected at every election, at every negotiated tender, at every privatisation award, at every decision made to give more and more financial gain to UMNO…..and their rationale for giving to themselves is to bring that “someday” closer to the Malays. Huh!

UMNO has a disease. Political dysfunction. After 50 years of the disease UMNO is at stage four of the malignant disease and is set on taking with it the Malay race to its final disgrace. But we will not go!   

The function of Viagra is to put life back into a dead penis.  Najib knows what a dead penis looks like and he knows what a male erectile dysfunction looks like….just as he knows what a dead UMNO will look like after the next general election. Viagra works only for men! Money politics only works for UMNO. It will not work for the Malays. Money politics will soon make UMNO a dead penis!

UMNO will not be able to find a cure for a dead UMNO even if it was at the tip of their noses. They know exactly what money politics is, they know that it exists and what is needed to eliminate it…but damm if they will get rid of it!  There is a lack of desire for them to do so…and more important UMNO is not keen to cure itself! Money politics and pervasive corruption is at the heart of this Political dysfunction.

The last General Election has taught us all that Parliament is ultimately accountable to and removable by the will of people. The are enough Malays to remove UMNO from government! With the other races this is a certainty…and then you will see another paradigm shift - this time in our political scenario.


  1. HH,
    So true. UMNO wants the Malay to be uneducated and to be poor so that they can continue to claim that only UMNO can help them from the bogeyman. At the end of the day, only the Malays can reject UMNO and reclaim the country. Good piece and thanks.


  2. Great to see u on the net again. I enjoyed reading your articles.
    Hope u would not give up this time.