Friday 18 June 2010

cakap cakap..Mahathir.

Every time I go on the Net to see what is going on in KL  -without fail – I will come across this Mahathir’s name! An article about him, an article by him, something he said, something he did not say, and something he was going to say. Why has not this Mahathir got the grace to understand that he is no longer Crime Minister?......sorry that should have been Prime Minister! This Mahathir must really have a thick skin. Anybody else would have just crawl into a dark hole somewhere and hide. Tak malu ka? How much more money do you want? Pension not enough? Your children not giving you enough pocket money? Isn’t Petronas paying for the petrol you use? I do not want to demonise you but really Tun enough is enough!

In your good old days people like Ibrahim Ali would not even get through your first layer of Setia Usahas. And yet these days you are the best of buddies. For the love of God Tun jaga standard sikit lah! Even your children will not be seen dead with this Ibrahim Ali…jatuh standard lah Tun!

Just stop to think what it is that you are doing. I am not going to go into nepotism, money politics or abuse of power – I am just trying to understand how a person that considers himself to be the greatest PM Malaysia has ever had can now do what you do. And what you do is to bring yourself down to a level where people like me – an old man in Adelaide – can have you in my sight and fire away at you. Call you whatever name I want, expose whatever wrong doings you have done while in office and do so without any qualms.

I do not do so with Daem..nor with Lim Chong Eu…nor with Pak Lah…you are fair game because you put yourself right square in our sights. And if you think you do so because you can take anything that we throw at you and give back as good as you get…think of this:

A democratic victory for the people is when BN is faced with the real possibility of losing a General Election.

And that Tun has already happened under your watch – under the people you picked and choose as your team, as your people as your successor. So it has already happened and you Tun made it happened. All your choices of people to manage UMNO during or after your time were failures. And it all comes back to you. That you have already bankrupt Malaysia is a given fact. That you have caused untold misery and hardship for so many people by your non- judicious use of the ISA is also a given fact. That the IPP’s agreements, the Tolls Agreements, the Privatisation process – and so many other initiatives undertaken under your watch are greatly flawed and lopsided in favour of your chosen cohorts and friends is also a given fact.

So what is left Tun?  You are trying to right a wrong? Trying to correct a mistake. Trying to make up for the mistakes you have done? Trying to make back for our country all the monies you have given away or lost through your time as Prime Minister? Let me tell you this TUN – there will not be enough time to do that even if your grandchildren were to start now to do so. The damage done to our economy, the losses sustained by the country and the restructuring you did of the various races in the country people cannot be corrected within our lifetime – or that of our children.

As for UMNO: it is done Tun. Common sense tells me that you would never have chosen Najib as Prime Minister. Why? He has no balls. No substance. No guts. He is not PM material and you are practical enough not to pick him even if he did delivered the decisive support you needed in your fight against Musa and Ku Li. No Najib will never be you choice. Nor, now it seems was Pak Lah. So who? Your son….please don’t play play lah!

And so now you are watching the closure of UMNO in the history of our country. Please God - give you long life so that you will see a PR government take office at Putrajaya and a PR Perdana Menteri move into Sri Perdana…because TUN, that will be the deepest cut of them all.

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  1. Hear, hear! Or should I say (for Ibrahim Ali's benefit), "Dengar, Dengar!"? Happy to see you unblocked :-)