Monday 21 June 2010

Sir you need to take responsibility!

Tan Sri Abdullah Ahmad, group editor in chief of the New Straits Times, wrote (June 26 2002), “[Mahathir] has...created a legacy so monumental that no one could have presumed his mantle.”

That was what Abdullah Ahmad gushingly said of Mahathir when the great man (Mahathir lah!) announced his resignation on June 22 of that same year. “Hear! Hear!” I say…or as Antares succulently said for the benefit of Ibrahim Ali, “Dengar, Dengar!” I believe that that came from Abdullah’s heart for you cannot write anything so ‘moving’ if it does not come from the heart. Now let me tell you what comes from my heart when I read that.

Who would be foolhardy enough to presumed Mahathir mantle? This man used money and power like no other PM of Malaysia has ever done! Like no other leader in most parts of the civilized world has ever done save for some parts of Africa and some parts of our world where accountability for one action is easily dismissed through the barrel of the gun or the use of political power!
 Who would dare to presumed the monumental mantle of this Mahathir who was instrumental in bringing into our way of life such concepts as ISA, nepotism, money politics, greed, privatizations, IPP’s, Perwaja, utter vindictiveness to those that simply do not agree with his point of view, negotiated tenders, a tainted Judiciary, Bakun, crooked bridge, Renong and its horrendous debts, Khir Toyo, Daem, and the list is endless. Every government machinery, every high public office appointment, every political decision made during Mahathir’s time was at his pleasure and made to do your biddings!

No Dollah….nobody would be foolhardy enough to try and assumed that mantle!

All the personal excesses that we now talk about had its beginning, development and reached its zenith during Mahathir’s time. Samy Velu, Rafidah, VK Lingam, Augustine Paul, Liong Sik, Daem, Vicent Tan, Abdullah Ang, Eric Cheah…the mind boggles at the billions these people made at the expense of the nation!

What defines greatness in a man?
"It's not what you take but what you leave behind that defines greatness.”
– Edward Gardner.
This man left us with debts measured in billions not millions!
This man left us with monuments of First World stature but failed miserably to prepare our then third world mentality to be ready for these iconic structures. If you bring a nation into an era that it is not ready for, you are being irresponsible!
If you cut corners and award projects to people who YOU think can do the job and they fail to do that job – you take responsibility!
If you do nothing about a leader that robs his own people blind –like Samy Velu did to the Indians – then you take responsibility.
If you take power away from the Sultans and empower UMNO with the same power  - and UMNO abused that power – you take responsibility!
When you remove two of your deputies – and in so doing caused:
1)   Within UMNO factionalism that forever weakened UMNO
2)   and had one of these removed deputies, Anwar, to come back ten years later and inflict upon UMNO its biggest defeat.
You take responsibity.
When you take a dentist and make him MB of Selangor – and this MB then proceed to enrich himself excessively that finally culminated in the loss of  Selangor to the opposition – then you take responsibility.
When you take Oil Royalties from Trengganu and Kelantan because the people voted for the opposition, you take responsibility for the suffering of the people within that state who are now without the funds to develop the state.
When you use Petronas money and to bail out your son shipping company to the tune of hundreds of millions using people’s money then you take responsibility for abusing the trust the people placed in you as the guardian of their money.
That a man of your previous stature would require me, a 62 year old man living in Adelaide to write this biting and hurtful article about you simply indicates the depth you have allowed yourself to sink to. This would not happened to the Mahathir that was PM for 22 years – who brooked no challenge to his rule for those 22 years! How things have changed!
You told us to look East. We looked East. You told us to buy British last. We bought British last. You told us to buy Proton we bought Proton – albeit with a little arm-twisting. Possibly all these were relevant at that point in time. So Tun using that analogy, let me respectfully tell you this Tun. You are no longer relevant.
You are no longer relevant in UMNO except to serve the selfish purpose of certain factions. “Dengar dengar!”.
You are no longer relevant to the Malays. You have done enough damage to us and we see thorough your deceptions.
You are no longer relevant to the people in this country. We have all moved on and demand a more open and responsible government. We see through your duplicity and untruths.
Tun you are only relevant to those that still loves you for what you are – a grandfather, a father and a husband. Is it not time that you return their love and their need to have you back in their fold? And that you return the love and respect that they give to you for what you are today? An 84-year-old grandfather, father and husband?
Sir you would need all the goodness that is in Mecca, all the forgiveness that Mandela has shown to the very people that imprisoned him and all the love that the family of Teoh Beng Hock, Kugan and Aminurasyid have for their love ones if you are ever to be forgiven by the people of this country. And I know that even with all that you would still have a hard time walking down the streets of KL without worrying that someone  might spit on you…and that Sir is the whole truth and nothing but the truth…so help me God!


  1. Can government promote or create progress and profit? This is like asking whether a python can win a race. Governments are bureaucracies of an extreme sort. They constantly increase in inertia, wastefullness, superciliousness, incompetence, mindless growth and the amount of collateral damage. This tendency is only interrupted from time to time by bankrupcy or worse.

    All progress comes from ordinary people battling the forces of inertia and corruption. Business profits come from ENTREPRENEURS.

  2. salam bang,

    we pray dia panjang that he himself will witness d outcomes. klu dia tanam durian hutan tak kan dia dapat durian beserah!!!!! (had the taste of durian tembaga beserah over d weekend on balik kampung trip).

    TDM kata melayu mudah lupa, kita sama2 tengok sama akan lupa!!!!

  3. Sir,

    I believe more than enough has been said about Dr M by just about everyone. The dude obviously has serious gila-kuasa issues and is increasingly trying his best to cause trouble in order to stay relevant. Coming from a background where I was taught to respect our leaders (the position not the person) but also one where Dr M was pretty much hero-worshiped because of the development he brought to Malaysia, it has been interesting seeing how my older family members and that of the older generation (I'm 25) deal with Dr M's increasingly disturbing rants. Most of them feel pretty much used and abused. It's like finding out the person you respected all this while was actually a big time asshole.

    Aside from the not so good doctor, just wanted to let yo know that its good to see you back. Writers block or not. Also good to see some of the old Dean Martin roasts posted here. Stumbled on them some time ago on youtube and became a fan ever since. Bloody brilliant stuff that we probably won't see repeated in the foreseeable future thanks to political correctness. Those fellows really had class la.

    Well, you asked us to comment so here you go. Haha. I'll try my best to leave something when I can. I'm also based in Adelaide and completing my post-grad thesis. Take care sir.

    Best regards,

  4. Hello Pak Steady

    To think that I sang in my secondary school choir for Mahathir when he visited my alma master in his capacity as education minister.

    Used to be proud but now fill with disgust.

    Mat Msia yang udah jadi Mas Indo

  5. How will I describe a man of your age heading fast towards sunset to have uttered 'hard time walking down the streets of KL without worrying someone might spit at you'.

    An imbeccile, a psychologically impaired moron or what?

    You may hate him for reasons best known to you. But have some sense of decency and repent before it's too late.

  6. Its ironic why those bloody corrupted dictators had a hard time living honestly.These hard core robbers took a very long time to die such as Marcos, and Suharto.Perhaps this mahakutty is lingering for his time as nothing good comes from his mouth.
    Anyway we will be reserving our favourite rare whisky for that glorious day to celebrate his demiss.Haleluya bro !

  7. Dear Pak Steady

    I feel very much the same about this man. This man "alone" has brought (and will bring) so much damages to our beloved country. Sometime, it makes me think whether he is a human or a monster.

    I just could not imagine how a person that had sinned so much could sleep well at night, does he??

    He is heading towards the end of his life journey and yet I still could not see any sign of remorse in him.

    God! May God has mercy on him.


  8. Sir,

    Really wonder how is he going to face God when the time comes?

  9. Sir,

    I wonder how someone can be so cruel but at the same time looks so fatherly at the same time?

    For a good 3-1/2 decades, he conned the Melayu of Malaysia and still does.

    He used to say Melayu Mudah Lupa but he does not lupa at all, so he CANNOT be a Malay. He lupa at his own convenience, some call it having selective memory loss, but I call it LIAR in layman's term.

    I also wonder what he actually says during his prayers.

  10. when someone has wielded so much power and amassed so much money, there is no longer a God to fear. you feel you are God. think Ceasar...

  11. Marina must be having a hard time preparing the obituary.

    It’s getting shorter by the day.

    When the hour comes, it will simply read “He is my father”.

  12. Just another simple human beingWednesday 23 June 2010 at 13:16:00 GMT+10

    Anon 12:11
    Anon 5:29

    Perhaps u're expecting his early demise. Instead u may expire first with your relatives grieving by your grave. God is great.

    Susi dlm debu
    Anon 2:07

    I seriously wonder how pious you are. If you are, sorry to say your response doesn't in any way reflect as such. You're just talking crap. May God have mercy on your souls.

  13. Hey! Just Another Simple Human Being,

    Mare... nampak? Kenapa terasa ke atau ada kaitan persaudaraan?

    I am certainly not pious type like you?? So what is the use if you are when all you do/done in this present world has done so much harm to mankind.

    Sembahyanglah 10 atau 100 kali, tapi kalau hati tu tak bersih, tak guna jugak. So been pious, you think you could fool God?? Ah...pls....


    P/S At least I have got relative grieving at my graves, but people like you (and MM) will certainly have a lot of people spitting at your graves.

  14. Salam.

    Agreed. The state of our police, judiciary and other governing institution had been simply reduced to a flea.
    He is responsible for leaving us with a pool of corrupt leaders.

  15. Steadyaku47, you are spot on.

    May I add:-

    It is a case of "Harapkan pagar, pagar makan padi"

  16. Tun Dr Mamakthir WILL not die so fast and easy, God has his own way to deal with man like him and his descendants, Mamakthir shall reap what he sowed.