Wednesday 30 June 2010


Is it not enough that we have a government that steals from us but this Barisan Nasional government also lie to us. They tell untruths. They do not fulfil what they promise. What new lie will they tell us to take our money, to steal our property, to gain our trust? To acquire more power to satisfy their greed for financial and material wealth? What new crisis will they manufacture – racial, religious or economic – to further their stranglehold on power? What other lies are they telling to cover embarrassing truths?

In the time of the all-powerful Mahathir the Barisan Nasional government did not have to lie as much. They just kept silent. Now they lie everyday. Najib and his cabinet no longer care if we know that they are lying. Now it has become endemic - they are telling us deliberate lies to trick us into believing their lies. Now the people expect the government to lie to them when anything important happens in our country especially when money and power are involved. They lie to us about the tendering out of the construction of the King’s Palace. They lie about legalizing sports betting for Vincent Tan. No it is not incorrect information that they give us, they are all deliberate lies. And it seems that some of them enjoy doing it!

But more worrying we lie to ourself by not admitting that this acts of our government will increase their hold on power and take away from us our personal liberty and any sense of self respect we might still have left.

As part of steadyaku47 public service and relentless efforts to ensure the Rakyat fundamental right to understand the mumbo jumbo spoken by the BN politicians is protected - we have provided here a glossary of  “UMNO speak”...but first have a look see at this Ramsfield doublespeak!


            Glossary of UMNOspeak:

·      National Interest: Taking legislative or any other required affirmative action (like tinkering with the economy) to keep share prices up for the benefit of the UMNO elites and cronies with public listed companies.

·      Anti national: Any person, organization or media that challenges BN ability to retain power in Malaysia.

·      Deregulation: Giving opportunities for UMNO elites and cronies to make profits by reducing or removing regulations – all in the national interest (so they say!)

·      Essential services: Infrastructure and any other department, Ministries or corporations where BN have not worked out how to make a profit from without the public noticing yet e.g. Army, Police – not privatized yet. Hospital, Water, Power – all done deal.

·      Efficient: When BN is insisting that a government control companies become more efficient it means they want the company to be able to contribute more to UMNO’s activities.

·      Humbled: When Najib says he is humbled he is actually brimming with smug pride, but seeking to be perceived as humble in the eyes of the voters.

·      Media bias: Any media that does not support BN’s point of view.

·      Nation Building: Imposing or influencing matters to further allow UMNO/BN to remain in power. E.g. building swimming pools in Army Camps to get the soldiers to vote for UMNO.

·      New and improved: When the government introduces a new or improved public transport system, a new and improved toll system or any new rural development scheme to replace existing one it means it is smaller, but more expensive (to benefit BN cronies) and or course less useful

·      Now is not the time... During any BN-caused catastrophe, calls for accountable government are dismissed with "now is not the time to play the blame game, there will be plenty of time later. As in the tragedy in Perak when three school children died crossing a bridge.

·      Playing Politics: When BN starts accusing PR of playing politics with an issue that means they are losing the debate.

·      Playing the Race Card: Used by UMNO to dismiss any concern of Malays by accusing non-Malays of being manipulative and having a sneaky, strategic agenda to take over the country through the DAP.

·      Privatization: The transfer of public sector services to UMNO elites and their cronies with a money-back guarantee if the privatization fails.
·      Subsidy:  The people should thank their luck stars for this ‘welfare’ handout the government is giving them to get votes.

·      Trickle-down: This is the oft repeated theory put forward by the UMNO warlords and their cronies that the wealth accumulated by them will benefit members of the lower economic class – i.e. it will dribble down.

·      Unbiased: BN insistence that they will unbiased in any situation means that there will definitely be a lack of truth, honesty in their final judgment of the situation. No way will the truth be uncovered. As in Lingam, Kugan, Teog Beng Hock, Altantuya etc etc

·      Classified (OSA): Information that should really be in the public domain but need to be kept secret from outsiders because they do not want the public to know how much money their cronies are making.


  1. Excellent. I laughed my head off!

    Here are some othe UMNOspeak type from my yet to be published ‘donplaypuks® Havoxbridge International Dictionary of Manglish’:

    Apanama – an affectionate public reference to Rama Maha Firaun The First

    Acerbic – an affectionate public reference to Rama Maha Firaun The First

    Bajet – a Klingon word coined by Rama Maha Firaun the First aka Pak Tak Bajet meaning:

    a licence for Govt to spend without accounatbility or transparency. Etymology of bajet – ‘baja’ from malay for fertilizer, et – extra-terrestrial, hence ‘bajet’ also referred to commonly as Legalised Govt Horse Manure Fraudulent Spending Shit!

    Korpo Tikus Kepten or Corpo Rat Captain meaning:

    a croney controlling fraudtrepreneur shareholder and CEO of a monopolistic money laundering pubic listed company fronting for a political party

    Pak Tak Bajet - an affectionate public reference to Rama Maha Firaun The First

    Rama Maha Firaun The First – an apanama acerbic Octogenarian retired ex-Sith Jedi Master Planner of the Realm who was famous for not budgeting and for regularly and consistently breaking the kitty

    Social Contract – a local contract which adheres to the time honoured principle of ‘heads I win, tails you lose and either way you pay all the taxes since you are all immigrants while we are your lords and masters.’

    we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  2. "As part of steadyaku47 public service....."

    How about another public service. Compile a comprehensive lists of public money squander by BN, frequently updated as new info received, maybe even with a running total so people have a clear idea how much those thieves and robbers are costing us tax paying public.

    Maybe another compilation of scandals not measurable in ringgits and sens