Friday 18 June 2010

cakap cakap...yesterday once more?

What if you have yesterday to live all over again? Yes they say that the past does not exists but let us just say, for just this one time, you were given the opportunity to live yesterday again? No if's no but's...just go and live that life again. It is just behind that door to your left. Go and open that door and you are there. Yesterday once more!

What will I do? For me it is to wake up and tell my wife that I love her. No she is not gone.....she is with me today as she was yesterday - as she has been for the past forty two years. I just want to wake up and giver her a kiss and say "I love you" because it will make me feel better. For those of you that lost your love ones yesterday what will you do knowing that would be the last day that you will spend life together with them? Are you resolve to not leave their side from the time that you open your eyes? Will you spend the day together living memories of your past life? What will you do. Ahhh so many things you would like to do and so little time. Life is like that friends. Until you understand the fleeting time that we all have on this earth it will be impossible to live it to the full. For me everyday is a joy to wake up to. True when it is cold in Winter and the coldness clings to you it makes getting started for the day just that bit more difficult. Just that bit more daunting. In summer the heat gets to you and you long for the cold again. So life is always different. No let me put that in another way...nature stays the same each day as it has been always. We make it different. What we perceive the day to be - hopeful, happy, sad or exciting - is what it has the possibility of happening. So make up your mind what it will be and go out and live it.

There really is no sense in living yesterday again because yesterday, today or tomorrow is what you make of it...

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