Monday 14 June 2010

Cakap Cakap: The middle finger!

Who the hell are these people that travel around with motorcades, aggressive police escorts and siren wailing scattering people and traffic out of their path and harassing other motorists? Just as we are quietly trying to navigate the traffic jam on our way around congested KL we hear those annoying sirens wailing out somewhere from the back of the traffic jam that we are in. Very soon the first of these aggressive police outriders comes into sight waving and fluttering their arms up and down with gloved hands for traffic to get out of their way …….and the menacing look they give to motorist to pull up along the roadside so that those V.I.Piss  can pass.   

Let us say that the PM is going over to a Five Star Hotel  (must be 5 star lah!) to open whatever it is that PM opens. For the PM to move anywhere his personal security detail is mobilized…his front man to check the hotel he is going to, his motorcade, his meet and greet team , security detail at the hotel itself…easily 30 to 50 men mobilized just for one visit ..And each one indispensable for his security? So they say!

Of course as he nears the hotel – as if the PM police security detail is not enough – the hotel security detail is also mobilized. So every security man around the place is running up and down taking their indispensable position in the protection of their PM. Those with two way radios are talking into their two way radios giving or taking instructions – it does not matter which one you are doing just as long as you are talking into the two way radio. And here comes the critical part for the hotel that the PM is visiting or the kenduri that the PM is going to……each bodyguards, police escorts, UTK personnel… all of them will require a free meal and drinks from the host hotel! Good job if you can get it!

No do not forget the traffic police along the routes to ensure the way was clear for the VIPS. All these people could instead be doing something useful…like fighting crime! It is beyond a joke!
What is the necessity of having this pain in the butt motorcades to add to our traffic woes? Is it not enough that we are caught in massive traffic jams, have to pay tolls even within city limits, pay bribes to PDRM? Don’t we already have enough problems getting from point A to point B in our horrendous traffic without these motorcades making it worse?

As it is now we are a country with a population of 28 million,  13 States, 3 Federal territories, 13 state government and one Federal, 9 Sultans, three governors and one king…and you cannot forget all the number two in line to the Sultan and the King too…all think they too need escorts. Ok lah someone wants me to mention the MB’s too! So here goes…do not forget Khir Toyo! His palatial house alone would qualify him for an escort – straight to jail – do not pass go, do not collect $200 – just go straight to jail!

Then of course one PM and one DPM.

All these people cannot move an inch without security details, out riders, motorcades escorts making the move with them.

As if that was not enough there are some bozo who goes and buys his own motorcycles because he thinks that the motorcycles used by the police are not hip enough. Just to complicate things the Johor Royal House used to have their own Johore Armed Forces – which I think have now been disbanded!  For what reason? Singapore going to invade them or are they going to invade Singapore? Huh!

Then there is the IGP; the head of the Armed forces…every one of them with their own security detail.

It is getting beyond a joke. – Not only on terms of costs but just imagine this: The very though of all those motorcades and security details converging en mass at a function that requires all these V.I.Piss to be present…the mind boggles at that possibilities! Not at the time it will take to get every V.I.Piss seated but at the cost of the free meals to be provided for all those escort details!

Come on lah. Enough is enough. Keep the King. Pension the rest of the Sultans. Pay for their pension for one generation only and go tell their descendents to earn their own money and say  'Hasta la vista, baby.  The taxpayers no longer want to finance their sordid personal lives full of sex outside marriage, illegitimate offspring’s, many wives, drink, gambling and gambling debts…what have you! Hell I know of at least two Sultans that had collections of porn, collected, I hope with their own money

Has there ever been one instance when the lives of these VIPS were ever threatened? Not one that I can really recall. The number of accidents and deaths causes by these motorcades …plenty. Police escort dying in accidents, accidents caused by these motorcades…the list goes on!

I can assure these V.I.Piss that traveling without these motorcades is not going to do anything to lower their esteem or importance to us. It might deflate their own ego possibly –but it does nothing to us. Nothing because you really are nothing to us! Well ok lah if we are traveling in the same direction I can tag along behind the motorcade for a while and breeze through some traffic lights but most of the time I am traveling in the opposite directions!

Can I suggest this to all of you…well at least those of you who would have the guts to do so. The next time you see those blue lights flashing and siren wailing motorcades come bearing down upon you  - do not stop. Do not head towards the side of the road. Stay where you are! Better still move to the center of the road. Put your hazard lights on, slow down to a snail pace, and toot your horn repeatedly. Wave your hand over your car roof i.e. telling the motorcade that they can go over you car roof if they are in such a hurry! 

If you are as brave as RPK (some say stupid but I say that RPK guy is brave lah….don’t want to upset RPK!) …give them the finger…not all your fingers…just the middle finger lah!

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  1. Bro

    Easy for you to show um finger since you are in Adelaide. I do not want to be pulverize.

    Golden boy