Thursday 17 June 2010

Saya Calun Bebas...Can take now!

I am surprised that PR was not able to see this coming. This YB is really asking for help. If you were to listen to what he has to say these are the words that he constantly uses…back 
up, support, cooperation, help, assist… PR should have intervened before he pushed 
himself over the edge by following the  “voices” in his head to be an independent. It must be 
voices in his head because according to him he did not speak to BN nor did he speak to his 

This YB must be one of those borderline people who are easily led whether to rendezvous 
with an alien spaceship or to join UMNO. If PR had been alert they would have been able to
recognize the symptoms. If you listen to what this YB said you will hear the same words …
allocation,money, bantu, peruntukan.  All this would be available onboard that spaceship 
call BN.

PR should have caught on straight away and solve the problem by humanely shooting that YB in the head – or better still throw him to his constituencies in Malim Nawar.

He is now adun bebas. Bebas to accept what ever UMNO throws his way for his masa depan.I can just picture Najib watching all this and telling himself “another two million ringgit well 
spent”. I am sure Rosmah would have insisted on only RM1Million!

This is the kind of people that UMNO wants. He will only be of use to UMNO at the point of 
time when he made that ‘adun bebas’ announcement.  The closer it gets to the GE the more of a liability he will be. Who is going to vote for him? Why you think UMNO is going to send him elsewhere to contest? Huh! Whatever he does, wherever he goes…he is dead meat!

And now the most important question. How was he able to get through the vetting system of PR  and get selected as their candidate? PR please explain! 

The last word from that YB before he fades away from our radar...which is going to happen as soon as he finishes that press he said "Next Election...see how!"

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