Sunday 20 June 2010

cakap cakap...comment sikit lah!

To those that stop to have a read of what I write I have something I would like to say. Not to Zorro Unmasked, not to Antares, not to Din Marican, not to Lita or Pat…not to those that read what I write and do so because they want to see what I have to say about things they are passionate about too. These people are already more passionate then me in their resolve that things must change in Malaysia if our children are to have a decent future. I would like to try and talk to those that surf the Net in search of something ‘interesting’ to read. They look at the title of an article, decide if the first few lines of any article are interesting enough to hold their attention…if not off they go to another site, another blog. I only know that they have seen what I write from the statistics that records every click on my site. In these ‘special branch days’ that we live in almost everyone prefers the ‘Anonymous’ moniker! I do not know who they are, what they think and most important to me – if what they read from my blog has any impact in what they think and do.

Speaking for myself, I blog because I have something to say about issues –political, persona, social, religious…any issues that grabs me. And I think this is what drives most bloggers to work on their own blogs. We are passionate about what we believe in  - because putting those thoughts on paper is ‘work’. I dislike having to check the spellings and grammar of the articles that I write before I post them on my blog  - but if I do not do that then it means that I do not respect my readers enough to give them an article that is at least, to the best of my ability, error free – if not in facts at least in grammar and spellings!

Now if we can do that can we ask that those of you that do stop by our site and read what we write – do take the trouble to tell us what you think? No we do not need for you to say that our article was ‘fantastic’ or ‘great’ – nor would we welcome too harsh a put down of what we write – but this we would like. Can we have a dialogue  -can we exchange thoughts – can we ‘talk’ about things that interest both of us? If I write about Mahathir – and you think he has done good and does not deserve being vilified by me or anybody else – tell me. If you read my article on PDRM corruption – and you too have a story to tell about the same thing – tell us. Share your experience with us. From these feedbacks and exchanges I get my ‘kick’ to write more.

And more important – we are all making an effort for change. We are telling each other that “YES” I am with you. We are together. We can make a difference. Let the Net be saturated with our exchanges. Negative, positive or neutral…it does not matter. We will give as good as we get. I relish the opportunity to ‘talk’ to anyone who has an opinion about what I write.    

So next time when you do stop at steadyaku47 take a minute to leave a comment…even if it is just a “Huh?” ..And do leave your votes on the polls that I have from time to time. Do the same to the other bloggers….then in time the power that be that monitors traffic over these blogs will know that we have a healthy and robust market! Camna? 


  1. Salam Pak Hussein,
    Wah! Blogging from Shockeroos.

  2. your time and effort are definitely appreciated

  3. Aslm Pak,

    Can we have more TDM bashing and revelation of his wrong doing??? Please? Pretty please?? With sugar on top??? Well, I have known that slime of a "malay' was no good back in the 80's but at that time he was some sort of a "dewa" to my malay saudara and nothing I say or any logic could convince them otherwise. Can anyone give a "ringkasan dalam Bahasa of the Barry Wain book??? Anybody? We need to expose the disaster that is TDM and what he has done to Malaysia during his 'dick'tatorship. We need to especially educated the blur and pening2 lalat malay in the kampung of what we could have become and what we actually became because of TDM. The source is there but to many malay, reading a Barry Wain book and an english book at that, is like reading the manual for operating the space shuttle lavatory! They know it is important but until and when they need to use it, the malay will put it off as long as possible (result of TDM rule, of course!!!).


  4. You asked for feedback so here it is - you are doing great. If only I have the passion backed by ability (meaning almost effortless) to translate many of what you wrote into Malay so as to reach a wider audience.

    Going off tangent a bit. You seem to have a good grasp of what is going on in Malaysia. I wonder if you could do us a favor. Have you followed what Sharir Samad's activities in Parliament? Do you know of any instances where he voted according to conscience, nation and rakyat's interest and not along party line other than the case where he disagreed with Mahathir, resigned and won the by-election (BTW what was the issue in that case would you remember?)

  5. Nick - TDM bashing is the preferred activity of many a blogger - but it really is no bashing - more of saying what has not been said when the Net was not available to the many.

    Peter - I know more of Sharir's activities back in the good old days when he was in the cabinet then as to what he is doing now - but when called upon he has enough back bone to stand up for what he believes in but within party lines of course! But I think he is his own person. Will do a bit of work on this and see what I can come up with.

    reagrds. HH

  6. A special shout out to you.
    Deeply appreciate. Cheers!

    Malaysian in Sweden

  7. Hi, happy Father's Day ! ( ipohmali)

  8. Wish I had the flair of writing like you. I have this feelings( hate, anger, frustration) bottled up in me for a very long time and wish i could express them the way you do it. Anyway, reading your blog is like me expressing my feelings through you!
    Keep writing dear Sir!

  9. Dear Pak Hussein,

    After reading your thoughts, I feel guilty that I have been a passive participant.

    Insyaallah, I will spare time to respond to your writings. I do share your passions for the topics that you wrote, but unfortunately, I do not have the same flair in expressing my thoughts.

    Keep on writing, best regards from the desert.

    mood@ desertbase

  10. Nick..,,just to let you know that you and you alone was responsible for that "Sir You must take responsibility" article I wrote this morning...just could not stop myself!

    as for mood@yemen...appreciate that you found time to drop us a note between camel rides in the desert.

    Ipohmali...will be posting another Dean Martin/Don Rinkles piece soon...just for you lah!

  11. Dear steadyku47,

    I really enjoy your articles/blog. I see in you someone who is sincere, loves his country of birth (and his parents too)and passionate about TRUTH. I admire your openness, and wish that many others could be as vocal as you. I also love my country of birth and would really like to see a change towards progress and unity amongst all the citizens. We should not be clouded by colours of our skin or the differences in our religion. We are all God's children and unless and until we all want to live in peace and love for one another, we are just going to destroy the future for our children and grandchildren. If each and everyone on this earth just play his/her part to make this world a better place for all, then only can we be assured of a happier future. I am really sad, disgusted, flabbergusted...when I read about all the evil and wrong that have been carried out by leaders of our country...people whom we put our trust in...instead they betray us and try to hide the real issues from us...Help!! I am desperate!! If they cannot change, let us do the needful, let us be responsible citizens, let us change them instead! We need a change of people who will lead our country into the 21st Century with integrity and strong ethics.

  12. My comment:
    The Most Corrupt in Malaysia
    Khir Toyo
    I have ticked all of the above coz I can't find any lesser between them. What choice do I have

    Alfred E Neumann