Sunday 2 June 2013

Images from the Past.

A few days back Maria sent these images from the past to me. My wife (left of the picture) then Terrina my daughter, Maria and her mother Zai, then me holding on to my son Zack. I could not remember where it was and when it was taken. Maria's mother, Zai, reminded me that it was London in 1981....and the memories came rushing back. I remember I was in London to meet with Hogg Robinson, our partners in Insurance Broking in Malaysia. The most vivid memory I had of that time was of me and my wife taking our children to Hamleys,  the Toy Shop in Regent street, and telling them they could have anything they wanted...those were the days indeed.      

Then Zack and Terrina grew up a bit. That's Zack on the left of the picture below and in the middle is Terrina. Beside Terrina is Ann their cousin.

Looking back at these images of the past I know that I am truly blessed with what I have in my life. May the future bring more good times. 

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  1. Mr Hussein for counting your blessings, God bless you...with more ! ! ! Most of all for sharing your blessings with us ! love you ! ! !