Friday 28 June 2013


I could not have known that when I first met my wife many many years ago in Tiffany  - a disco in London - that forty years later that these two little girls - Isabel and Sofie (our grand daughters) would be one of the results of that meeting. We have endured much in our life together - no more, I am sure - than many of you have also endured. Today as I contemplate the past I now know that so many things that was once so important in our life are no longer important. So many things that we thought we would never forget are now distant and at times fading memories. There were times when we doubted our ability to see through the hard times we have had and yet there were times when the good times makes us forget the bad....but always we have seen it through together. We could have done with a bit more money, with a bit more of the good times, a bit less time apart from each other and of course more time with our children Zack and Terrina but in all we have had a good life....and looking at Isabel and Sofie we know why we had met each other in London many many years ago.    

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  1. Bless you , Old Boy. Many of us too are walking that path with memories; bitter and sweet , and soldiering along.
    Chin-up n cherish those moments.