Friday 7 June 2013

Collapsed Second Penang Bridge section built by local contractor

Collapsed Second Penang Bridge section built by local contractor

Friday, 07 June 2013 
(TMI) - The section of the Second Penang Bridge that collapsed yesterday evening was the Batu Maung Interchange, a separate package from the main bridge, undertaken by local contractor Cergas Murni Sdn Bhd.
The company, which is registered with the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) as a Class G7 contractor, was awarded the interchange project in 2010 and it took over site possession on May 19, 2010.
The Batu Maung Interchange is Package 3A of the Second Penang Bridge project.
The RM152 million interchange project involves the construction of four directional ramps to form the Batu Maung Interchange to connect the existing Bayan Lepas Expressway to the Second Penang Bridge and marine main bridge.
It was a section of one of the ramps (Ramp Two) that collapsed yesterday. It is feared to four people could have been killed in the rubble while three people were injured.
The interchange was originally expected to be completed in December last year but it was delayed and the latest completion date was slotted for next month.
Cergas Murni, which began operations as a Class B registered contractor in 1991 and is now a Class A contractor, has several large projects under its belt — the East Coast Highway Phase Two Package 9A (RM202 million), Package 9B (RM86 million), Package Three (RM224 million) and the Bukit Kuang Bridge under the Eastern Corridor Economic Region project (RM190 million).
The company has also received ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:2004 and OSHAS 18001:2007 certification since 2005.
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written by lembususu, June 07, 2013 13:56:22
Perkasa pressured BN govt to give to Malay contractors. This is the result of 'M'sia Boleh'. We have contractors who built a stadium which collapsed, hospital ceiling collapse, flyover collapse, n what else??? These contractors will make M'sia collapse. The govt must withdraw the contractor's license. If not, they will continue to build structures that will collapse. U know why??? All these were because of incompetency n corruption. There is no way M'sia can compete globally unless M'sia revert to meritocracy. If not M'sia will continue to slide. This is not to marginalize any race, but within meritocracy to provide structures and policies that will uplift any race that lag behind. In that way, M'sia can then again arise
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written by fortune teller, June 07, 2013 13:05:11
What is happening ?. Why collapse here and collapse there ?. Who are the engineers involved ?. Where are they from ?.
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written by Volcano, June 07, 2013 12:52:22
' The company received many many ISO CERT !

Really ? 
written by EM, June 07, 2013 14:18:00
Directors & Shareholders:
Executive Chairperson : Y. Bhg Datin Paduka Khatijah Suleiman D.S.I.S., KMN, KSD, AMS, PPT, PJK 
Executive Directors : Tn. Hj Mohamed Sharif Bin Yaacob
Y. Bhg Dato’ Paul Latimer D.I.M.P. 
En. Azman Bin Ahmad
En. Mahazir Bin Mahayuddin

Cergas Murni Sdn Bhd
No. 17-1 & 17-2, Jalan Rampai Niaga 2, Sri Rampai, 53300 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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  1. They already plan LONG TOLL collection after completion but they never plan for the bridge to RUNTUH during construction. This maybe the evilisation of evil intention.