Saturday 15 June 2013



  1. Sample quotes to show that terrorism is big business. The few nihilist terrorists who do exist also want governments to spend on security to the point of bankruptcy.

    According to FBI (a) from 1980 to 2005, less than 6% of terrorist incidents in USA were committed by Muslims (b) from 2002 to 2005, 23 of the 24 recorded terrorist incidents were carried out by domestic terrorists (c) from "9/11" to 2009, only 3 of 83 terrorist attacks were clearly linked to Islamist terrorists. With the exception of the fire-bombing of a synagogue by white racists, all the domestic incidents were committed by extremists in the animal rights and environmental movements. In EU from 2006 to 2008, only 6 of 1,571 terrorist attacks were committed by Islamist terrorists. - Mohamed Khodr, 2011

    In USA, the most violent crimes by the anti-abortion movement, militants, white racists, etc. are not being identified as terrorism in media campaigns, in the courts or in legislation. Instead, animal-rights and environmental groups that have not harmed any person in more than 30 years are said to be the top domestic terrorist threat.
    - Brittany Shoot, 2011

    Annually, white gunmen have been committing about 30,000 murders in USA. They have ties to racist or right-wing groups, or just resent "the government" or "liberals." Many of the victims were police officers, besides other government officials. The perpetrators are described as "troubled" or "disturbed", not as "terrorists". The bombs found in the possession of some extremists are not described as "weapons of mass destruction". One neo-Nazi had the materials and instructions to make a "dirty" radiation bomb. An FBI official said the materials could all be purchased legally. - Stephan Salisbury, 2011

    Car crashes killed between 33,800 and 43,500 US residents yearly since 2001. CDC estimates that food-borne diseases make 48 million sick, hospitalise 128,000 and kill about 3,000 every year. 6 strains of harmful E coli bacteria remain unregulated because Department of Agriculture has been denied the funds to improve the inspection of food. By comparison, less than 20 have died from anything that might conceivably be classified as terror attacks since "9/11." Only shark attacks are ranked lower. Having lost its Communist super-enemy in 1991, the national security complex perpetuates itself on its self-proclaimed responsibility to protect Americans against 100% of all imaginable terror threats. In the worst of economic times, it enjoys the modern equivalent of a gold rush. US attacks abroad supposed to kill terrorists in fact create them. - Tom Engelhardt, 2011

    An FBI agent and 19-year old Mohamed Osman Mohamud drove to downtown Portland in a van, car-rying 6 55-gallon drums with detonation cords and plastic caps. However, the charge against him states that they were inert. As a trial run, he and agents detonated a bomb in Lincoln City earlier this month. Fox New TV, 2010-11-26

    It is impossible to keep weapons out of maximum-security prisons, let alone out of the carry-on bags of the 2 million people who travel by air in USA each day. You can fashion a sharp weapon from just about anything. Though even aircraft crew are checked strictly, airport workers are not.
    - Patrick Smith, 2010

    The US "intelligence" empire includes about 1,271 government agencies and 1,931 businesses at over 10,000 locations. There are about 854,000 persons with "top" security clearance. Even excluding Homeland Security and "offensive intelligence" operations like the bombings in Pakistan, its 2010 budget was least $80 billion. - Conn Hallinan, 2011

  2. Bro I learn something new every day if my life. tqs