Sunday 2 June 2013

Leave Michelle Yeoh alone!

Please leave Michelle Yeoh alone. The election is over. Ok she supported Barisan Nasional…but who else should she support? Malaysia has been good to her and the Barisan Nasional government too has been good to her and more important she has been good to Malaysia – to all of us. Her work and fame has carried Malaysia globally and for that alone she does deserve her Tan Sri. Her supporting Barisan Nasional has nothing to do with that award...and while we are at it, so does Nicol David our squash Princess currently Number one in the world. A Datukship does not do her justice!

Michelle Yeoh is an icon on the world stage and we Malaysian need every global icon we can get who will call Malaysia home. As for her Tan Sri we do have a precedent in Tan Sri P. Ramlee.

And now there are calls to boycott this business and that business because the owners of the business support either Barisan Nasional of Pakatan Rakyat. Aisehman these business people just want to cari makan lah. How far are we going to allow politics to intrude into our lives? I will boycott a business if they are not treating their workers properly or what they do contravenes health standards to make what they sell unfit for human consumption - but please lah do not take it to the max. Be cool or you are going to be a fool!   


  1. Malaysian should leave our shores physically and travel more internally to broaden their horizons> If that cannot happen then surf thought the Net!
    MY is a film star and has done more than many to put Malaysia on the Map! What her political inclination be, is her DEMOcratic choice!
    Please don;t force you values on others but focus on what you can do as an individual to bring fame and glory to this ONE and ONLY country of ours!
    Malu, macam katak bawah tempurung!
    ITs OK to disagree and be diverse why must everybody fit into one's preferred MOULD!
    Sounds like a certain control freak former PM? We, Free country and its her constitutional Right!
    Goes with her ambassadorial Job too!

  2. Nobody is saying she can't be a supporter of any political party' but she shd be tactful and not openly show her support and offend her fans! then she has to be prepared for any backlash; instead she lashes out at those fens, very unbecoming of her. Compare her response to that of Alarm Tam, the former sure has class.

  3. I mean the latter sure has class, certainly not MY.

  4. How superficial you are becoming, Hussein. She is an icon, for what may I ask. How many more people are deserving of Tan Sri, unless the criteria for these awards have changed. It does not bother me who she supports but giving away these awards to celebrities like shah rukh khan for instance, for the sake of celebrityship is shallow and demeans the awards which SHOULD mean something