Wednesday 19 June 2013

Cakap cakap.....Black 505 Rally this Saturday

The Barisan Nasional government has finally decided to draw that line in the sand that they now warned Pakatan Rakyat to not cross. The Olympic Council of Malaysia Sunday’s Olympic Day Run 2013 and this Saturday Black 505 rally are just pawns used by Najib and Anwar to settle their fight with each other. One wants to remain as Prime Minister the other wants to be Prime Minister. In a nutshell I simply do not see why these two individuals would think that their inability to act as responsible adults should be allowed to bring our nation to the brink of chaos and mayhem.

To President Bashar Assad the 93,000 Syrians so far killed, the several millions Syrians displaced and the civil war that now rages within Syria are simply collateral damage. What matters is that he remains in power. I know that Najib and Anwar sees us all in the same context.

How far and how much are Najib and Anwar prepared to risked and wager to have their way?

You and I know that whether Najib or Anwar becomes Prime Minister the corruption, the deception and the arrogance will not go away. Both of them have held power and both of them have failed miserably to govern in a responsible, accountable and open manner. Nothing has change and nothing will change in the foreseeable future because our country is so infused by the politics of money and damaged by leaders who owe their rise to power to money politics! The people around them are totally corrupted by the same sentiments. They are too many of them within our politics to make any difference if BN or PR are now in government!

So how will things play out? The same way things have played out in the past. The same way that Reformasi went and the same way that Pakatan Rakyat will go in a as long as its present leaders are there. When push comes to shove this UMNO led Barisan Nasional government will roll out PDRM, the Army and if need be, the Judiciary to stifle dissent.

And when this happens again this time around we the Rakyat will be the biggest losers!

We have elected a minority government and we have elected a stronger opposition on the premise that the government and the opposition will now evolve into a two party system that will responsibly keep the other honest. But what we did not factor for is that our leaders have not yet understood what we want of them – to be responsible leaders. That is to big an ask of Najib or Anwar.

I hope our nation survives Anwar and Najib. Both of them have lost the moral authority to lead. We deserve better.  


  1. True. No point having all these rallies as they won't change the result of the GE13. Just live to fight another day and be smarter.

  2. I don't think change is ever going to happen if we don't take drastic action. The present regime is only going to tighten the noose around the rakyats' necks as they are only interested in hanging on to power by all means. The EC MUST be overhauled if there is going to be any meaningful change. And this is and should be the main thrust of the rally this Saturday. It should not be a battle between who should be PM.

  3. Trouble in Bolehland is there will never be fair play if the current regime is in power. These crooks controls all the institutions and will use them to the full to suit their purposes to remain in power. Everyone, including themselves knew they won GE13 through fraud with help from the EC but do they feel ashamed or care? No way the opposition can form the government the "legal" way. They can only achieve this by using the "illegal" way by getting some 30 MPs from Sabah and Sarawak to join them, maybe through Tunku Razaleigh since it was reported the MPs has approached him. I really don't mind even if he is the PM and Anwar the DPM. Though not the right way to form a government, I think that's the only way to be able kick those crooks out.

  4. Aiyah, by not mentioning him, you have insulted the never-say-die guy who has been scheming for 30 years behind the scenes to have a shot as head honcho.

  5. I hope you stay comfortably in your own little niche. Let us never say die men and women do the dirty work. Those who don't want to soil their hands, please don't do anything

  6. It was interesting to see how the OCM was manipulated to keep Blackout 505 from happening.
    Like a game of chess, OCM who earlier had rights to Dataran merdeka were directed to Padang merbok. And now OCM has cancelled the run citing the worsening haze.....heeheeheehee! checkmate for DBKL. Running out of excuses.
    And now we are going to see the ordering of soldiers to move forward.
    umno (aka aggressive queen) is supposedly protecting the king....
    You tell this will play out?

  7. Rally Malaysian style will be peaceful if the police behave well. It has been proven many times before, so don't be unnecessarily uptight about the forthcoming Black505.

    I agree with anon 7:28 that those who don't want to soil their hands please don't do anything. Let the never say die ones do the dirty work, hopefully those who don't want to soil their hands will benefit too.

    By the way Sein, Najib has been PM for 4 years now but Anwar has never been there yet. So its not Apple to Apple comparison. At least Anwar had taken the effort to amend corruption law when he was Acting PM and that landed him in jail.

    Pok Li