Thursday 4 July 2013

Every day we make choices...can you live with yours?

One day at school a girl was asked to a party by a boy she had liked for years. Of course, saying yes she headed home happily. The girl asked her parents if she could go out that night but was turned down. Her parents were going out to eat for their anniversary and didn't want her to go. Besides, they reasoned, you don't even know this boy very well. The girl agreed sullenly and went to her room. Calling her friend, she made plans to pretend to spend the night there while really going to the party. Her friend agreed and the girl tricked her parents into letting her stay with her close friend. Saying goodbye to her parents the girl left to her friends house where she told the boy to pick her up. The boy arrived on time and they left for the party. The girl felt so excited to be with the boy that she liked, that at first she didn't mind that he was drinking. Soon, even she had consumed alcohol and was feeling good about coming. Waviing goodbye they both piled into the car, with the boy driving. As they drove, he kept on swerving and increasing the speed. You're going to fast! she complained giggling a bit. Suddenly the boy crossed a red light and crashed into a car that was turning in front of them. 

Two days later the girl woke up in the hospital. Looking around she spotted a nurse sitting in the corner. The nurse smiled and asked how she was feeling. The girl could only nod her head before quickly asking what had happened. The nurse lowered her eyes as she explained that her crush had survived but the people in the other car had died. The girl felt tears welling up in her eyes as she thought about their families. As they began to fall down her face the girl pleaded for the nurse to tell the deceased's families how sorry she was. Looking at the girl with anguished eyes, the nurse turned her head away and quickly got up. Please! the girl cried out. Tell them I'm so sorry! Nodding her head once the nurse fled from the room, hiding the tears that were already streaming donw her own two cheeks. How could she be the one to tell the girl, that the people who died that night, that were in the other car were her parents returning home from the restaraunt?

"Every day we make choices, and every night we must sleep with the consequences of those choices."

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