Friday 5 July 2013

These songs makes me think of home.....tugs at the heart strings!


  1. Haha, dear Hussein, where is home to you? I remember you saying you had moved from place to place during your time living in Malaysia and currently settled in Melbourne. When you said you think of home is it your old kampung, Bangsar or Malaysia? I would love to move to Melbourne too if I can but unfortunately I can't because of old age, family and other commitments. You should consider yourself very fortunate to have left the shore of this once very wonderful country, Malaysia.

  2. Dear Steadyaku, this winter is blardy cold and my body and mind is wishing that the weather can be like that of old Negara-ku. But on the hand, the mere thought that how the country has degenerated to tells me that the good old days have long gone past! Ah... just two more months to go!