Wednesday 10 July 2013

The Ugly Malaysian : Mat Zahid and his Penis (oops Penal) code warning!

UMNO seems to have a never-ending supply of idiots and village buffoons that somehow manages to find their way through the Malaysian Cabinet revolving door and take their seat at the pleasure of the Prime Minister of the day. MIC have had their buffoon and so has MCA but all things considered, UMNO takes the cake! Consider their latest find – that rare and almost confident idiot that Shakespeare describes as “The fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool”….none other than that Rumah Minister, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

Just a couple of months into the job and he already has a large following….those who follow him with a morbid curiosity of trying to figure out if this is UMNO’s Forest Gump! Forrest Gump teaches Elvis to dance without really trying and this Mat Zahid too has become our preferred buffoon in Parliament without really trying. He is a natural at being stupid, idiotic and moronic all at the same time. If you want to quibble over which comes first then I say moronic over idiotic and then comes stupid.          

Today he wants the Police to come down hard on the Red Bean Army! OK Mat to help you out DAP has kindly provided me with these images of the  generals within the Red Bean Army! You will have to figure out for yourself who is the four star general and who is not...and when you do let us know because the Red Bean Army too are confused by the overwhelming rush by many to join their ranks! Maklum lah with a purported budget of RM$100 million there are also some UMNO fellers trying to join! 

Now Mat you tell us that the Police will use the Communication and Multimedia Act 1998, the Penis Code (ooppss that should be the Penal Code!) and face book to counter the Red Bean Army who have defame the men in blue through the Internet. Mat why don't you do what I do when I find something on the Internet that is offensive to me. I just click it away. One click and they are gone! No need to use the Rakyat money fighting these despicable Beans unless you want to charge the Rakyat for every time you click the Red Bean Army! I do it for free...but if you want to pay anyone to do it for King, Country and the Boys in Blue, why not pay me!

I have met this Mat guy at Bangsar Village a number of times and like Jerry Lewis he looks okay with his mouth shut. But Jerry is a Comic Genius, you Mat, is a Comic....kelakar lah ! Full stop!

Come on lah Mat the Communication and Multimedia Ministry has admitted it did not know the identity of the Red Bean Army but "we are told they receive funding from that side (the opposition) so says the deputy minister Jailani Johari. If I believe everything I have been told the village idiot at Batang Berjuntai will have to make way for me  - ditto for the Parliament Idiot (Nazri Aziz) making way for Jailani Johari!

Mat you are a Minister! Angkat sikit standard engkau ka tahap yang tinggi sikit....just above imbecile if you can make it. Or else languish where you are now - at the village idiot level - and use that Penis Code to amuse yourself.      


  1. Such an interesting piece. I believe your remarks reflect the sentiments of those who can think rationally, and can see through the sandiwara of the bn buffoons. Keep it up!

  2. A good piece to describe this guy. Only in Bolehland this kind of idiot can become a minister. He talks without using his brain and walk without using his eyes. A real half past six minister.

  3. The police should investigate him first for an assault case. Also, who ordered the deletion of the immigration records of the murdered Mongolian lady and her friends and who was the mastermind behind the murder? Till today there is no answer. Are these people above the law? The lawless are talking about law. The rakyat are not stupid as they have eyes to see and ears to listen.

  4. Hei!! you the writer of this article, you will be identified,as one of the Red Bean Army assassin deployed against the UMNOBN/govt. Don't be surprised if the SKMM come out with your name in the list. hahahaha. Since they cannotg identify the REd Bean Army for time being, it won't be difficult to make you as one of the generals. hhahahaha.
    The UMNOBN definitely has an army of cyber troopers working for them to character assassinate the opposition leaders but that is no crime because it's not against the UMNOBN leaders. Whatever happened to all the UMNO cybertropers who had field day in invading Akta Hasutan without any police action. Thats the reason Zahid Hamidi is against IPCMC as the way to please the police friends.

  5. OH, by the way, the latest has it that his idiotic deputy has told the natives in Bakun that they have to change their lifesyle if they want to continue to stay in Bakun. Not too long ago, Najis had told the rakyat to change their lifestyle too! Why don't all the BN fellas change their lying, cheating and corrupting lifestyle, rather than telling the rakyat to change!

  6. These idiots will never learn. Immediately after GE13 they started blaming the people for not supporting them without trying to find out the reason why. One old Mamak even put the blame on the Chinese, accusing them for being ungrateful and dividing the races with their supports for DAP. To him, the Malays, Chinese, Indians and other races must only support UMNO/BN, not any other Malay parties like PAS or PKR. If a party is good, you do not have to threaten or beg for their supports. The supports will come automatically.

  7. HH,

    In the land of the blind, the partially sighted is King. So Najib surrounds himself with village idiots thinking that these village idiots cum cabinet ministers/deputy ministers will make him look/sound intelligent. Alas, Najib failed to realize that birds of the same feathers flock together with him leading the pack as the Chief Village Idiot.

  8. Mr Lim Kit Siang said some clowns in Umno purposely accused the DAP for having a SO-called Red Bean Army so as to have a good excuse to get a government allocation of around RM250M fund to get UMNO/BN cyber-troopers to counter the attacks by the so-called Red Bean Army. I think once they got the money, the Red Bean Army will be gone so is the money. That's how they always fill up their pockets with the excuses of setting up this and that.

  9. They are drumming up the RBA so that they can get hands on the RM350Million budget to fight so-called RBA. PERIOD.

    Do they care if RBA really exist???

    The Evil, corrupted and greedy do not care about their reputations or their integrity.

    Their eyes are set on the $$$.

  10. You,re right about one thing, why do we elect so many intellectually challenged parliamentarians? And this guy is the worst. Does idiocy comes with the job because the last guy was equally comic and clownish. Just can't imagine that he was in charge of the armed forces previously. No wonder a small group of old toothless foreigners were able to invade Sabah few months back.