Friday 12 July 2013

The Ugly Malaysian explained!

I have had a few emails re my recent posting of “Ugly Malaysians.” Why, they ask me, are Ugly Malaysian exclusively the domain of UMNO members? Are there not Ugly Malaysians in MCA, MIC and in Pakatan Rakyat? What about steadyaku47? How ugly is he?

I am not in the least perturbed that they do want to know how ugly I am but let me start with why UMNO and Barisan Nasional members are uglier than most.

Since Samy the Velu and Lee Liong Sik left their respective political ATM’s there is only Chuah Soi Lek left to consider. Chuah has already enough exposure of the video kind and his place in infamy is a done deal.

As for Pakatan Rakyat, since that Aziz guy left DAP in a huff, there is only Azmin left in PKR. For me this Azmin guy is not worth considering for any award. He is an addendum of DSAI. In his own right he is zilch though he and his rabid supporters may disagree. Disagree all you want that is their prerogative. AA will self destruct at his first opportunity of being Selangor MB’s !

As for steadyaku47……..I had a good look in the mirror this morning before sitting down to write this post. Between you and me I have a face that only a mother could love. Old and wrinkled. Hair all white and, as many other men my age would know, the changing dynamics of my physique requires me to belt my trousers above my pusat – not flattering to anyone wanting to look his best in profile but most effective in holding my trousers up! At my age holding my trousers up is more important than impressing the ladies! So there you have it….steadyaku47 in all his glory.

This caption may explain it better...Mahathir, Najib and me are at the bottom right!
But lest you are confused let me explain the context in which I am using “UGLY” in the post I write. Go see the 1958 film starring Marlon Brando.             

It presents, in a fictionalized guise, the experience of Americans in Southeast Asia who failed miserably in their efforts to have a presence because of innate arrogance and the failure to understand the local culture. The title is actually a double entendre, referring both to the physically unattractive hero, Homer Atkins, and to the ugly behavior of the American government employees.

The Ugly Malaysian refers to the same genre of human beings – mostly UMNO idiots – who are arrogant and are unable to understand that their responsibility is to serve the Rakyat, not themselves. That they are also ugly at the same time is merely God’s way of compounding their misfortunes. Kapish?

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  1. Thank you Mr Hussien for the beautiful cartoon and giving me a good laugh ! Then again how true's the message and if I have the choice to pick any 3 of you, I will pick you as my BEST friend - ugly or not ; Mahathir ? Najib ? NO ! NO ! AND NO FOREVER !