Thursday, 29 August 2013

Reunited with a son he thought had been killed. ALLAHUAKBAR!

A video has emerged of the emotional moment a Syrian father was reunited with the son he thought had been killed in chemical attack.
London's Daily Mail reports this morning that the YouTube footage was allegedly recorded in the south-western Syrian town of Zamalka.
The video shows a shocked and tearful young man running from house to hug his toddler.
The father is so overcome with emotion that several men hold him back before he finally embraces his son, the Mail reports.
According to the Daily Mail, the boy is briefly taken away as the father appears to faint.
A few minutes later he regains his regains his composure and holds his little boy again.
The reunion is a rare bright spot in an otherwise bleak situation that has been playing out in Syria since last week's poison gas attack which killed more than 1700 Syrians.
Zamalka, the Damascus suburb where the video was shot, was one of the sites involved in the massacre.
A single family from the town reportedly lost 21 members in the attack by the Syrian government on the rebel-held area.

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