Tuesday, 13 August 2013


Untruth passes through our lives like a small stream that meanders quietly on its journey to the rivers it must eventually meet. It passes through valleys and parks undisturbed even as it travels over rocks, pebbles and stones…quietly but relentlessly towards its end when the stream becomes a river.

Like the stream, the lies within us seeks to find a way to truth for only the truth will free it from captivity.

There have been many lies and untruths that have bothered me. Most I can dismiss from my thoughts much like I would dismiss an annoying fly or  blood sucking mosquitoes……with a flick of my wrist or a quiver of my limbs…and they will be gone. Some I cannot. Some bothers me and drives me to distraction as I seek to find logic and rationality to tell me what lies beneath the lies. Why the untruths still persists.

Altantuya bothers me. It bothers me because each morsel of lies and truths told to us merely serves to confuse us more. We no longer know who lies to cover their untruths and who tells the truth to cover their lies.

Today my own understanding of the bigger picture draws closer to a truth. I was asked a series of questions. Questions that I already know the answers to. Questions that made me answer my own questions on Altantuya.

Let me start.

Do I think Altantuya was blown up because she was carrying Najib’s child?

Do I think Najib would be stupid enough to have sex without a condom?

Was Altantuya ever required to do anything (translate or act as PA to Razak Baginda) to assist Razak Baginda negotiating with the French for the purchase of the Scorpene Submarines?

Did I think that Altantuya was anymore that a sexual distraction for Razak Baginda?

To all these questions I answered “NO”.

So why, I was asked to ask myself…”Why was Altantuya murdered?”               

UMNO’s political elites and their cronies have had mistresses and sexual dalliance before. Some had children born out of wedlock, some have had unwanted pregnancy terminated, some have had children born out of wedlock and some even have had these dalliances made legal through marriages.

So if Altantuya was just a sexual distraction to Razak Baginda, why was she killed?

And other questions were asked of me.

How was Samson betrayed?
By Delilah who revealed Samson’s weakness – his hair.

How has Julian Assange been silenced?
Because of his dalliances with two Swedish women.

How did the Russians tried to blackmail Sukanrno?  
With videotapes of the president having sex with Russian women disguised as flight attendants. Sukarno wasn't upset. He was pleased. He even asked for more copies of the video to show back in his country.

What about Profumo? What about the Israeli Mordechai Vanunu who went public with secrets about Israeli’s nuclear capabilities? We all know what Mata Hari was doing for the Germans in 1917.

In all these instances these men were honey – trapped -seduced by women. The Russians KGB did not ask their women to stand up for their country but “asked them to lay down”. 

And then, I was asked again, why then, did I think Altantuya was killed by government operatives with government issued explosives?

Is not the answer obvious?

Some foreign power – the Russian perhaps – was using Altantuya to work on Razak Baginda (who is a defense analyst with close ties to the Minister of Defense) for their own purpose. Perhaps to sell Malaysia Russian submarines, perhaps to gather information from Razak about Malaysia defense capabilities and requirements for their own purposes.

The question now is whether Razak has compromised Najib and the Malaysian government by his irresponsible sexual dalliances with Altantuya while engaged in the purchases of sensitive defense equipments for MINDEF.

If Razak Baginda did so then he has not only compromised himself, he has also compromised his good friend Najib Razak, Mindef and the sovereignty of Malaysia. He has committed treason.    

But, you may ask, was not Altantuya trying to blackmail Razak Baginda?

Tell me what is a few million to Razak Baginda and Najib if that was what was needed to buy Altantuya’s silence…they have given more to Deepak and Bala!

But treason by Razak Baginda, given his proximity to Najib Razak and that too done while on MINDEF’s business will kill Najib politically, cause Razak Baginda to be incarcerated and bring into question the integrity and credibility of the entire Barisan Nasional government and of course, MINDEF!

And with a smile my friend extended his hand and said goodbye.   

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