Monday, 12 August 2013

cakap cakap.....ZORRO UNMASKED


The Big C knows no race, no religion and prides itself as an equal opportunity visitors that any of us may one day have. I can only say this for now: 

"And in all this mix we – me and my fellow blogggers – try to make some sense of it all. That we may sometime get it all wrong is par for the course. For me personally I try to temper my thoughts with those of you that have a view, opinion or hold dissenting arguments against mine – and to the best of my abilities- weigh these arguments with a rationality born of my experience and exposure to the Malaysia that I know with the Malaysia that I want. And again invariably I may get it right and I may get it wrong and that possibility either way makes everyday of powering up my PC a challenge and a joy.

That is why I work on my blog many hours a day. That is why I read every comment that comes my way – buoyed by those of you that are in agreement with what I write and challenged by those who do not. Bring it on! I can take as good as I can dish it out…but always I do not forget that there are more important things in life than Politics!
There is our life to lead. Love ones to be with. Good food and good company to enjoy. The poor, the needy and the under privileged awaiting our help and never forget that death awaits us all ! So please friends live your life accordingly!" 
from my posting :
My thoughts, as always, are with comrade in arms, my fellow Malaysian and my brother! Always...we deal with life the best way we can! Salam.



Sometimes the realities in life hits you right where it hurts most…in the solar plexus…..leaves you winded and unsure if you can or want to carry on. These days thinking of my daughter and her family being so far away in Canada while I am here in Oz does that to me. How is it that those that I love and need so much to be close to me are so far away? Why did I allow them to go? Why do I not go to live with them there? I have lived in Malaysia, London and Australia…why not Canada? 

Why not indeed…but there are also other things in live that you need to consider…too many things that are as important if not more important than being with them. Too many for me to talk about …..but there are!

This morning as is my habit I went to my brother’s blog site – Zorro Unmasked and read:

“I just returned from University Hospital. Its confirmed that the growth in my bladder is the big C. So what! It is another battle. I will face it with fortitude and faith as I have always done, but this time with a clearer roadmap and timeline. Help me people, with the time I am left with to make this beautiful country, harmonious and undivided again.....but that does not mean I will take off the kid gloves!”    

My eyes are wet not for Bernard but for myself because the sadness is for myself not for Bernard. Always when people I know are faced with life’s road block I am sad and it tugs at my heartstrings…but I know Bernard is not sad! I can just picture that stubborn streak in him that shouts:

“Come on…do your worst! I will not run away. I will not lie down to sleep. I will fight the good fight!”    

Brother you are as important to me as my own family – as important as my daughter far away from me in Canada.

How can that be when we have never met? When I have not even heard the sound of your voice, shake your hand in greetings or even share the same air space as you in KL?

Many reasons Bro and it started years ago. Bro I cannot forget that you were the first one to give recognition to me for what I do as a blogger. I still remember the day when Lita (our friend who has now gone to live in the land down South with her Jared and her beloved better half Stephen who prefers to do his own ironing!) told me that this Zorro guy has chosen me as his guest blogger of the week…and that, to be honest with you Bro, was the first time I ever heard of you! 

And for that exposure I am grateful. And since then our ties have grown until I am moved to call you – an old Chinese blogger much older than me, not as handsome as me (in a Brad Pitt kind of a way!) and who is as cranky as they come – a brother!

And now we go back to the realities of today. The Big C, the many battles still to be fought, the many postings we still have to post…and the life still to be lived with our loved ones.

I can only say this to you Bro…you live life the best way you can and I will live mine the same way. Meantime…life goes on!



  1. Okay, I do the ironing now. Just to set the record straight.

    And this piece of cakap cakap has unmasked your loving heart, HH!

  2. Madam if that is what you say you now do (the ironing I mean)..that is good enough for me. As for me down here ...I still do the your heart out! take care dear!

  3. I still remember when my sis had lymphoma, we were just so helpless, in spite of the huge $$ spent in chemo, drugs, hospital stays, etc. etc. At the end, God decided to free her from the pain. She left a big hole in our lives, every day we think of her, could we have done better, taken a different approach, seen other docs just to have her with us. Life !!!.....