Friday, 9 August 2013

VITAL COMPUTERS ....Is this how YOU make money?

steadyaku47 comment: I was surfing the Net this afternoon (Winter afternoon over here is cold , wet and gloomy - so have been with my PC since morning) when I came across this posting. Will not divulge details of individual involved so that the Vital Computer cannot sue her...they can sue me if they feel so inclined - but is this not SOP for these kind of businesses?     

I just had a most horrible experience at Vital Computer at Wisma SPS. When my Abah sent my laptop to them they promised to change casing with Dell original parts but instead cemented the broken pieces together and charged me RM300 after promising to replace with original parts not only my casing (original casing at Dell would have cost me RM220).

When I agreed to that stupidity and have the Hard Disk replaced (additional RM250 for 1T, which is still much less than buying a new laptop), after waiting two hours with my elderly and fasting Abah they then informed me my keyboard has problems and it will cost me additional sum to have it replaced.

I was so, so angry. Such bad service. This was not what I agreed to, and when I sent in my laptop keyboard was working perfectly. They tried to blame it on me instead.

In the end I paid RM 300 just to get my old laptop (without working hard disk and a now broken keyboard) back.

I am never coming back again, and I advise you never send you laptop there to be fixed too.

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