Saturday, 10 August 2013

"I'd trade all my tomorrows for one single yesterday"

My Father :  Hamid Latiff

I said that to myself when my Mother died. And again when my Father too died….for I was not there by their side in their last conscious moments when I could have said that I love them so very much and that I will miss them  dearly when they leave me.

My Mother Zaharah Ambak, with my daughter Terrina

Always it is in death that this thought passes through our mind. Always when it is too late and when the moment we wished for has passed never to return.

Even now as I think of those times it gives comfort for the soul within me. Their smiling faces plays graciously before me and for a few moments I am back with them…but only for a few moments and then I know I have to wrench myself away from them and be back to the world I am in now.

As I do my heart aches so very much because they are no longer around to care for me. I need now to take care of myself and those that I now love ….my own family. And if anything comfort me now it is the love that I know my parents had for each other….a love I hope my wife and me now have for each other.

If you do not have that when you are past 60…what else is left? At least for my wife and me we will not have to say of each other that we would trade all our tomorrow for one single yesterday spent with each other because we live each day as if it is our last…and if one should leave the other earlier…no regrets, no sadness, no heartaches ….we have lived life with each other to the best way we both can….and tomorrow is another day. No regrets!        

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