Thursday, 15 August 2013

THIS IS UMNO : Woi Nazri...engkau pikir ini bapak engkau punya Ministry ka?

This idiot is our Tourism and Culture Minister : Nazri Aziz
This idiot has six (ya betul 6, enam) special assistant who assist him in his job and all are paid for by this UMNO led Barisan Nasional gomen using our money.

But even six special assistant is not enough! He needs another one! He has just appointed another idiot as his "special assistant" to carry out youth activities in his constituency of Padang Rengas in Perak. This special assistant is being paid out of his own pocket...ahem Nazri...betul ka ni? 

What sort of youth activities is this "special assistant"  planning for the youth in Padang Rengas?  

How to appreciate authentic Cuban cigars perhaps?
The appreciation of fine cigars, like the appreciation of fine wines, is an exceptional form of art. Enjoying a cigar is a sophisticated pastime. The true connoisseur is refined. He does not "smoke", he savors; every draw is an experience of succulent pleasure to the palate as the rich bouquet of varied tobacco flavours bloom.

The other Idiot
Or teaching the youth of Padang Rengas to do the "Fast and Furious" thing with Michael Chia's Hummer?

Member of Mohammed Nedim’s protection team and the half million ringgit status symbol, Hummer H2, that has ended up in the hands of the Nazri family, but which is still registered under the name of its purchaser, Michael Chia!
Or even the art of assaulting condominium security guards with 'on-site' training at Mount Kiara condominium? The Youth of Padang Rengas must be kept occupied with some useful skills they might need should their father become a Minister in this UMNO led Barisan Nasional government - hantaming security guards is one of Nedim's favorite past time - an acquired skill he learned from his peers!   

The resemblance of this new special assistant to this Nazri idiot is uncanny but that is because the son will usually inherit the father's genes. Yes this new special assistant -  Nedim -  is his son. 

Sometimes genes may skip one generation (as in the case of Hishamuddin Hussein and his father Tun Hussein Onn and Najib Razak and his father, Tun Razak) but in Nazri's case, his son certainly got his father's genes - physically and mentally. 

As to whether that is a curse or a blessing I will leave it to all you good readers to decide. I have my thoughts on this but then I am bias because as you can see I call them both idiots.

This Nedim is a randy arrogant idiot who has not been taught decency, good manners and how to behave in a proper and fit manner for a Muslim. But then whether that was the fault of his parents for failing to teach him how to behave as he should or he cannot help himself because of the genes he inherited from his father is open to conjecture. Suffice to say that this is a son not many of us would be too proud to call as our own.

   Nazri said that this idiot of a son is married and has children. If that is the case and this women is his wife. I guess what he is doing is just showing affection for his wife - okay in the confines of your bedroom but what does Jawi thinks about a Muslim doing it in public? 

Woi Nazri...engkau pikir ini bapak engkau punya Ministry ka?   


  1. Hi Nedim, long time no see and hear, how are you doing these days ? Recently you got married and you have now a new job, that is to be applauded. I am still unemployed , they told me I am too qualified to be employed in the Malaysian Service and My Malay lingo is just not good enough. But for you,what can I say, a smart arse, well connected and you have a dad who cares for you. You have a friend in Michael who will lay down a Hummer for you. Just for old time's sake , could I borrow Mr. Chia Hummer for the weekend when you are not using it, just for the weekend only, Ned.
    This is especially for you Nedim.

  2. Well described. I hope this Nazri guy will read this. Only in Bolehland this chap can be a Minister. And they blamed us for not supporting Umno.