Monday 25 July 2016

James Best : The world today... no money u suffer and guilty turns innocent and innocent turns guilty especially in the land of Donation...

Cash is KING and that is true...every one works for money ...see that Aziz formerly from DAP, Hadi, from PAS etc whom everyone from opposition respect ...also RPK... Now you see the true colors of them and with billions you get all done for them to polish your ass with their tongue.. ..For Tunku Abdul Aziz Tunku Ibrahim, the total lack of communication with 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) in regard to the filing of civil forfeiture by the United States Department of Justice, intrigues him.

In his article published by news portal Malaysia Outlook, the former Special Adviser to the United Nations Secretary-General, questioned the method used in obtaining information which he described as a “modern day wonder.”

“How could anyone conduct a thorough and professional investigation without seeking and obtaining information from primary sources such as 1MDB officials and other relevant authorities, including Malaysian law officers?”

The civil lawsuit for the recovery of assets in excess of USD1 billion, alleged to have been plundered from 1MDB, was announced by US Attorney-General Loretta E Lynch on Wednesday.

Tunku Abdul Aziz said it was regrettable that the Americans had chosen to fight their war against cross-border corruption by hiding behind a smokescreen of high-minded moral principles that could not stand up to close scrutiny.

“Yet in the same breath, and stopping just short of naming names, they impute improper motives to our prime minister (Najib Razak) and cast aspersions on his reputation and character, without being able to produce an ounce of proof.

“It is worth reminding ourselves that there is absolutely no suggestion in any of the investigations conducted so far by the authorities in Switzerland and Malaysia that Najib had stolen anything from 1MDB,” he said.

He said the Public Accounts Committee, comprising government and Opposition lawmakers, after months of exhaustive investigation and in regular consultations with the Auditor-General recently produced their authoritative report that exonerated the prime minister from all allegations of wrongdoing.

“In short, the allegations against him were reckless, vindictive and frivolous. In all the circumstances, Najib is innocent until proven guilty under the law.

“What is shocking is that there are many among us who cannot cope with the truth and the truth is that the prime minister is innocent until proven guilty,” he reiterated.…/us-lack-of-communicatio…/

These world today no money u suffer and guilty turns innocent and innocent turns guilty especially in the land of Donation...

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