Saturday 23 July 2016

Ajaib Tapi Benar : Only in Malaysia!

Some things are just funny

Inundated with all the latest news/articles in Malaysia and on Malaysia, I find some things are just hilarious.

1. Funny that US AG says money belonging to the Malaysia people has been stolen but the Malaysian government does not seem interested to follow up on it.

2. Funny that US AG says money stolen from 1MDB but nobody in 1MDB or the Malaysian government seem interested to find the thief!

3. Funny that I thought 'stealing', 'robbing' and 'defrauding' on such a big scale are all criminal in nature but civil suits are filed instead.

4. Funny that US AG thinks they have the evidence but Malaysia AG still cannot find the evidence.

5. Funny that Malaysians were given the impression in the past that Najib is number '1' but now suddenly his cronies say he is not the 'Malaysian official 1' referred to by the US AG.

6. Funny that some people say that in Malaysia the 1MDB probe is still on-going and in the 2nd phase when I thought the AG and PAC say that "It is done (completed)".

Finally, with the recent MOU signed between Malaysia and Singapore for the HSR, it is funny that some people did not know it refers to the 'high speed rail' project. Instead they think that it is a new 'high speed robbery' project.

PS: You are free to add your 'Funny' observations.

steadyaku47 comment : Again from my Whatsapp chat....sharing.

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