Saturday 23 July 2016


When I woke up this morning I thought it was Wednesday or, at the latest, Thursday. 

Dear God...what is wrong with me? Last night when I went to sleep just past midnight. I was a bit puzzled when I looked at my pill box. My son has got me a pill box that tells me what pills to take everyday - the days are marked on the box. If he does not do this I forget whether I have taken my pills or not for the day...and so as I was about to go to bed I went over to the pill box to see if I had taken my pills for the day...and I saw that the Wednesday and Thursday section were I was sure that I had taken my pills for the day....but the Friday section was also empty. So I made a mental note in my head to remind my son to fill the Friday compartment when I woke up this morning.

The first inkling that today might not be the Wednesday or Thursday that I thought it was,  was when I powered on my Mac and saw "Sat" on the top right hand corner of the monitor...I went to the Yahoo "News" page...and it told me that today is "SATURDAY!"

Two or three days somehow

This is not good! 

Was I so caught up in my blogging that I have missed those two days? I do not really know...I really do not know!

It is now 8.51 AM....I hope soon...very soon....I will regain my composure and know exactly where I am, what it is that I am doing with my life and hopefully be me again. Until then....chill.

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