Wednesday 27 July 2016

cakap cakap : National Security Act The "Dirty Harry make my day" clause!

Our nation lurches from one crisis to another. It stumbles, falls and then crawls towards another day in the hope that another day may bring about blessed relief from the vagaries and toxic fallout that that our politicians seems bent on inflicting upon us all. Upon you and me. But always, what another day brings upon us is more of the same -  only more delibitating, more punishing and takes from us, bit by bit, that will to stand up to the criminal political elites that are responsible for these deeds!

And why should we not feel helpless and hopeless in the face of this Umno led Barisan Nasional government hell bent upon imposing their political will upon anyone that stands in their way to govern? Why indeed!

Let me speak for myself. 

I have lived through everyone of those 22 years of Mahathir's time as prime minister...every one of them! There are many stories I can tell of what that man did to and for our country, to and for our people and of course to and for himself but I know this to be a fact.... Mahthir is not a corrupt prime minister. 

He erred in many ways. He was petulant to the point of being vengeful when faced with anyone that dares to question his commitment to  make the change he deemed Malaysia and Malaysians needed and he unhesitatingly and some say wickedly, wielded the considerable political clout he had to neutralise and pulverise any dissent. His use, misuse and abuse of political power was done with impunity and he went about consolidating that ability in his personal self because for Mahathir, the ends justifies the obsession that has spawned two prime minister after Mahathir, both of whom, by the things that they do in the name of government, has since shown Mahathir the error of his ways. 

Yes Mahathir erred. Today Malaysia and Malaysians have in Najib Razak  the prime minister that Mahathir's has to take responsibility for spawning.

To his credit, Mahathir has taken that responsibility and is doing something about it....possibly too little and too late. This we will  only know in the fullness of time. To those of you unforgiving of Mahathir's ways during his time as lord and total masters over all things Malaysian may I remind you of this. If, after a life of sins and frivolities, a Muslim with the last breath he draws upon this earth intones "laa ilaaha illallah Muhammad Rasulullah'. ..maka “Tidak masuk neraka orang yang mengatakan laa ilaaha illallah.” who are we mere mortals to not forgive Mahathir for what he has done if he has now repent?...but I digress. 
For now our people and our nation have to deal with Najib Razak  and that seems to be an impossibility given that Najib has the political will, the large armies and deep pockets that he needs to stay where we do not want him to stay : as prime minister of Malaysia.

For too long and too often we have been told that Najib is a dead man walking! 

Believe what you want of the things you have heard and read about the imminent political demise of Najib Razak but I can tell you that the man is alive and well, in good health and living the good life with all his faculties intact.  And come 1st August the National Security Act will hand him dictatorial powers to do what he likes, against whoever he likes for any six months at a time. And if you think what Najib has done in the past is ain't seen anything yet!

What is the National Security Act?

One clause of that act will tell you what the NSA is all about  and I call it the "Dirty Harry make my day" clause ...."the clause that cancels the formal inquest into the death of anyone killed by army or police in any crackdown under its provisions". 

Translation : The authorities can kill anybody they like by invoking the above act and there is nothing any one can do about it!

We are all familiar with these names : Teoh Beng Hock, Kugan, Aminurasyid, Altantuya, Kevin Morais, Najadi Hussein and many many others...all killed on the streets of Malaysia or while in the custody of the authorities...and we have seen how impossible it has been to bring the perpetrators of these murders to justice. 

After 1st August 2016, the authorities can invoke that "Dirty Harry make my day" clause and close one eye and shut the other when the army or the police, acting on the orders of the BN government, shoot anyone dead!

That "anyone they can shot dead" includes you and me! 

Think about that for a bit today and try to get your head around "."the clause that cancels the formal inquest into the death of anyone killed by army or police in any crackdown under its provisions". Imagine giving that power to Najib Razak! 

Enough said! 

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