Tuesday 26 July 2016

jebatmustdie : The comedy of errors orchestrated by Najib Razak

According to the DOJ suit, these two fat thieves are a part of bigger group of super-fat thieves.

Firstly, many Malaysians who read the DOJ’s suit against Riza Aziz understood that Najib’s step son could have never accumulated those illegal assets without the authorisation and approval by Malaysian Official Number 1. Billions of ringgit were siphoned off for personal gains without due regards to the law and financial regulations. The assistant Attorney General of USA said“What happened instead was corrupt officials within 1MDB and others siphoned off a very large percentage of the money that was raised to the tune of $3 billion and used it in ways that provided absolutely no benefit to people in Malaysia other than themselves.”

Only the most incompetent, and the most stupid could not comprehend what this legal suit means.

Anyway, back to the matter at hand. Last Thursday we wrote to determine what kind of moronic statements Najib and his cadre of clownish buffoons will regurgitate in order to disinform the public and defend the indefensible crime.

And these people did not disappoint!

a) We start off with the Malaysian Official Number 1 first. Here is what he said:
Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has urged all parties not to jump to conclusions over the ongoing action by the US Justice Department to seize over US$1bil (RM4.02bil) in assets allegedly linked to 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB).  
“I want to say categorically that we are serious about good governance so anything that is against the law, we want the process to take its course.”
Malaysians had already jumped to conclusions because they have read the facts of the case. Everything is in that 136 paged dossier, verified to be true by the FBI and pursued by the Attorney General of USA. It has a federal dimension to it.

Malaysians can jump to conclusion much earlier if the Malaysian Official Number 1 had practised good governance and made transparent the Auditor General’s report. But alas, like someone suffering from dementia, he had reneged on his promise to open up the AG report.

He also claimed that the case is civil, not criminal. What kind of shameless person this prime minister is when his name is plastered so many times in the report (36 times to be exact), having implicated in a series of illegal transactions, yet still want to remain aloof and ignorant to the fact that his name has been sullied? He is now seen as the most corrupt foreign official in the court of United States and to the world.

What is there to be proud of? Perhaps, he and his supporters are suffering from scleroderma (thick skinned disease).

Yes, he is not the defendant in this case. But it won’t be for long. Once Riza Aziz’s assets are confiscated, they will slap him, his associates, his relatives and the corrupt people behind this enormous theft with anti-money laundering charges.

Najib once said the 1MDB business model is a failure. Do you know why 1MDB actually failed? Because the people behind it are thieves. Is he not the worst Finance Minister in Asia, as many had presumed? Eventually he will be known as the worst Prime Minister in the World.

b) Salleh Keruak and his brainless statements. We can talk about this person’s stupidity till kingdom come and he can still surprise us with a few more of his idiotic antics. This was one of them:
When asked on the ‘Malaysia Official 1’ stated in the Department of Justice statement, Salleh said it was merely a claim by the complainant.
“We have been hearing about it a long time ago. It is what the complainant said. You must remember it is not what the attorney-general said.
Some people even said that the complaints came from Sarawak Report and Khairuddin Abu Hassan. Sad to say, they were wrong. The complainant is none other than the Government of the United States of America.
The forfeiture complaint, issued by a unit known as the Kleptocracy Asset Recovery Initiative, represents the largest such case brought by the Justice Department. It comes at a time of heightened concern about secrecy, shell companies and illicit money flow around the world. – SOURCE
The Department of Justice and the FBI had been investigating this case without the need for Sarawak Report or Tun Dr Mahathir or even Khairuddin Abu Hassan to intervene.
These investigators do not like corrupt people to abuse their banking system and their currency with impunity. The number 2 boss of FBI even said it out loud in the press conference:
“Today’s action sends a message to corrupt foreign officials,” Wegner said. “The FBI, together with our international partners, will find these individuals and root out their corruption.” He added, “We are working very hard to make sure that the U.S. will not be a safe haven for these types of crimes.”
Obviously Salleh Keruak, having the reputation as the designated village idiot in the cabinet, did not read the document as a whole. Otherwise, he would have come to the conclusion that the USA is serious in catching the culprits, not limited to just Riza Aziz and Red Granite.
Neither Khairuddin Hassan nor Sarawak Report nor Tun Mahathir was the complainant

Neither Khairuddin Hassan nor Sarawak Report nor Tun Mahathir was the complainant

Salleh Keruak also said there is no political conspiracy about the DOJ’s legal suit against Najib’s step son. When we read the evidence presented to the California court about this heist, the facts laid out are not dissimilar with what The Edge, Sarawak Report and Wall Street Journal had reported and published for the past one year.

Yet, these media were accused by Najib and his clowns for mounting a political conspiracy against the government!

That shows how flabbergasted they were when this corruption case exploded last year. Each one of them were so dumbfounded, their first reaction to defend this thieving leadership is to cry out ‘CONSPIRACY’.

Trying to de-criminalise Najib is a tiring chore. Nobody can last that long with their sanity intact.

c) Apandi Ali. Who doesn’t recognise this new AG who had replaced his predecessor for no apparent reason other than to save Najib? The previous AG was about to charge Malaysian Official 1 for the same proof spelled out on page 33 – 34 of the DOJ document, yet Apandi Ali dismissed the charges brought about by MACC. He absolved everyone from any wrongdoing, and ignored the findings.

(i) there had been no evidence from any investigation conducted by any law enforcement agencies in various jurisdictions which showed that money had been misappropriated from 1MDB; and
(ii) there have been no criminal charges preferred against any individuals for the offence of misappropriation of funds from 1MDB.
Both points were merely denials. What else can he say as the personal defence lawyer for Najib? Obviously, the reason why there are no criminal charges for misappropriation of funds from 1MDB is because he is sitting on the pile of evidence but decided to do nothing.
Even the PAC report suggested that Shahrol Halmi be brought to book but nothing has been done so far.

Apandi, what happened to the SRC money Najib took? You never denied he had it in his personal accounts. Has Najib returned the millions he took ‘accidentally’? What kind of charges would you mete out to Najib when everyone in this world knew how he had spent those millions. No charges at all?

And obviously, back in January 2016 you lied about the existence of a donor. You said the Saudi royal household had donated those billions to Najib. But the DOJ’s investigations had proved otherwise. Are you a sad little liar, Apandi?

By the way, how can you deny banking documents and transactions that clearly showed money was misappropriated from 1MDB, into a couple of shell companies and directly into Najib’s private accounts? Are you saying the banks tampered and faked its own documents? Apandi, your behaviour clearly showed us that you are not the Attorney General of Malaysia. You are a fraud. Selected purely to defend Najib, albeit poorly, because the truth can never be faked. No matter how hard you try.
d) 1MDB, now better known as the den of thieves had dared to issue a statement which sounded nothing more than a pathetic effort to appear innocent:
“1MDB highlights that it is not a party to the civil suit, does not have any assets in the United States of America, nor has it benefited from the various transactions described in the civil suit. Furthermore, 1MDB has not been contacted by the US Department of Justice or any other foreign agency in relation to their investigations.”
Well, a company whose officers named as 1MDB Officer 1, 2 and 3 in the DOJ filesuit can never admit they are involved in this billion dollar heist. What more its top advisor is named as Malaysian Official 1 in the suit as well.

Will thieves admit they stole millions from a company they preside? Will thieves admit they have stolen taxpayers money through a company they manage? Of course they won’t. This is why they have made such ridiculous statement. If Irwan Serigar, the current Director of the Board has any sense of honour and responsibility, 1MDB would have started its own investigation effort and made a police report over the misappropriated funds and say thank you to the FBI for highlighting and naming those had breached their oaths as government officials in doing their job honourably and admirably.

But they hadn’t done so. 1MDB and its ilk are just trying delay the painful inevitability.

Malaysians knew about this since last year except for the few clowns who thought otherwise

Malaysians knew about this since last year except for the few clowns who thought otherwise

e) Tengku Sharifuddin, the most befuddled press secretary in Malaysian history threw in his miserable opinion no one asked:
Malaysian authorities have led the way in investigations into 1MDB. The company has been the subject of multiple investigations within Malaysia, including by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission, Auditor General and bi-partisan Public Accounts Committee. After comprehensive review, the Attorney General found that that no crime was committed.
Again and again they pinned their innocence on the Attorney General’s clearance that 1MDB did nothing wrong. As if, they have no facts to solidify their claims that there are no wrongdoings whatsoever as claimed by the DOJ. Latest news is, they now had to rely on the idiots in JASA and even bloggers to be the official mouthpiece for 1MDB and Najib! How pathetic. Where is Arul Kanda? Where is Minister of Finance II?


Funny thing is, even the MACC admitted to have collaborated with the FBI in sharing the evidence on the crimes committed by the people associated with 1MDB. How come other people are so eager to right the wrongs committed, yet Najib, his press secretary and the Attorney General are lackadaisical in their attitude? Are they brain dead? Has zombies filled Putrajaya’s corridors of power?

RM50 billion went down the drain, some of it misappropriated and abused by Malaysian Official 1 and his associates, but nobody batted an eyelid. Not even the the Youth Wing of UMNO. These are the worst kinds of zombies. No reaction whatsoever when “the Malaysian people were defrauded on an enormous scale.”

Malaysians may yet hear worse news in the weeks to come. The Swiss Attorney General is still investigating the USD4 billion misappropriated from 1MDB. They have not pressed any charges yet but with the advent of the US seizing assets purchased using illegal money, it won’t be long before the Swiss prosecutors stand before a crowded press conference and issue a statement.

Singapore even seized SGD240 million (RM720 million) worth of assets which belonged to transactions relating to 1MDB. Half of the seized wealth ilegally belonged to Jho Low and his family members.

Only time will tell what will happen next. The thieves and their supporters can crow all they want, clutching at straws. They can remain dumb and ignorant, claiming nonsensical things like Najib is not named in the civil suit therefore he is innocent; forgetting the fact that the things he did as mentioned in that 136-paged document are quite lucid and startling.

These supporters chose to remain dumb and ignorant. We read somewhere about this kind of mentality – ‘if I walk around closing my eyes about these crimes, people won’t see me as stupid.’

Laughable, isn’t it?

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