Sunday 24 July 2016

Let them kill each other....

Latest News from Washington.

0800 hrs GMT 24th July 2016.

President Barrack Obama instructs US Attorney General Loretta Lynch to receive the visit of prominent legal brain from Malaysia by the name of Mr. Shafee Abdullah who shall furnish all documents and evidence on the wealth of Tun Mahathir's sons in the United States. They are said to be worth in the range exceeding USD 5 billion. This is said to be the retaliatory move by Najib on Mahathir. Shafee is scheduled to be in Washington on Tuesday 26th July with 5 officers from MACC. Tun Mahathir is desperately making attempts to stop the investigation of his sons assets worldwide. Reuters

steadyaku47 comment : Whether this cerita is betul atau tidak......I say let them kill each other off!

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