Sunday 24 July 2016

Geethanjali : SAYA SOKONG NAJIB (remember what happened to the other guy who sokong Najib!).

steadyaku47 comment : Much too often I have dismissed out of hand any BN politician...or anybody for that matter... who seek their few minutes of fame (I call it infamy) and God knows what else (nudge nudge wink wink), by standing up in front of "friendly" reporters or (if you are slightly photogenic), in front of the TV cameras to parrot "Saya sokong my beloved PM".

In the past I have watched how this up and coming Geethanjali conducted herself as she climbs up the ranks (with the help of her husband's ringgits) to be the "most powerful women" of the country. I suspect that Rosmah will have something to say about that....but we will leave that bit to later. I was impressed with the manner she carries herself....until I came across the above video yesterday. I sat through the video twice ...and these are my comments.

Geethanjali, it is not anyone or anybody that is accusing this PM of ours of wrongdoing. It is the US Department of Justice....surely they are just not "anyone" or "anybody!".

And all these accusations against our PM and the corruption in Malaysia comes NOT from foreign sources but from foreign Attorney Generals and Foreign Governments!

Now why would the US government, whose President recently played golf with our prime minister, whose government recently got the support of our government for the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) and whose government is looking to this Malaysian government for support against the expanding intentions of the Chinese government to impose its will in the waters around us......why would the US government want to trouble the Malaysian government unless there are good reasons to do so : Like the bringing in of hundreds of millions of corrupt money into the US by Najib's step son and his cohorts. Money stolen from a government company of which his step father, the prime minister, is chairman off!

You talk of a plot to unseat the PM as revealed by Justo in Bangkok....the same Justo that was sacked by his own company for blackmail? 

"Thailand Royal Police spokesman Pol Lt Gen Prawuth Thavornsiri said Justo had admitted to allegations about blackmailing and attempting to extort his former employer".

So now you believe blackmailers but not the US Department of Justice? 

And you talk about an individual from Sarawak who says he has been given documents and was asked to tamper with those documents...which individual and how was he asked to tamper with the documents? Again we are now asked to believe this individual rather than the US department of Justice? Surely you too Geethanjali would be upset with me if I accuse the PM of being Queen Control without providing any evidence of it?


But I digress...

You want us to give your "beloved PM" more time....time to do what? Ini 1MDB punya cerita sudah exposed for many years. The governments of at least 7 countries (and counting) are also pursuing the matter vigorously. This story of his step son and Jho Low siphoning money out from 1MDB has been in the public domain also for many years...and nothing has been done by this bloody BN government because his step father and friend of Jho Low is the prime minister. All the AG and the IGP have been doing is close one eye and shutting the how?

Next time you want to go in front of the camera to support your beloved PM just make sure you already have got what you wanted for doing so rather that hope that you will get what you want after supporting the PM....his time is running out.....and they way you are going about supporting him, when his time runs out, so will yours!   

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