Tuesday 26 July 2016

The Two R's

Do not, even for a moment, think that Riza and Rosmah do not know what they do!

That RM110 million Park Laurel condo that that Hollywood executive son of her's bought in New York? 

Rosmah knows! 


What about that $33.6 million house Riza purchased in central London? 

Rosmah knows!

The red brick four-story house, built around 1900, is a short walk from Malaysia’s diplomatic mission in London’s exclusive Belgravia neighborhood.  

Do you think Riza will buy properties in New York, London and parts unknown without Rosmah's say so?

Do you think Riza will "invest" $100 million to produce the Wolf of Wall Street" or any other project without Rosmah's say so?

Where will this Riza, a "kuching kurap"  be without his mother getting him those hundreds of millions of ringgits to buy properties and invest in the Wolf of Wall Street" ?

And of course Rosmah's gets the money from Najib......and Najib gets it from 1MDB.....and 1MDB gets the money from the Rakyat!

All that Riza has done has got "ROSMAH" written all over it! 

Palatial homes in upmarket parts of towns bought to compensate for Rosmah's pathetic inability to deal with the fact that she is now an old, obese caricature of a has been who never was! 

All done with OUR money! 

There is also Rosmah's need and greed for things that would make others "respect" her.....Hermes Bags for example. The only thing a Hermes bag would do for Rosmah is to distract others from looking at the old hag that is with the Hermes Bag!

And that "Malaysian Official 1" it not her? Is she not the puppet player that moves everyone around making them dance to her tune?

Who decided that she will take the government Jet to Dubai and Turkey? Cabinet? Najib Razak?....NO LAH....she did! The prime minister and his cabinet be dammed! Now if she can make the cabinet and Najib do her bidding, 1MDB would be a cinch...would it not? 

 All that Najib would know about what Riza is doing is when Rosmah tells him over the morning breakfast of Nasi Lemak and Perrier water that Riza needs a few more hundreds of millions to get something that SHE wants! 

And if we or the courts should ask...... Rosmah will sumpah laknat that she does not know what Riza was doing!

Have we not heard all this before?

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 10 (Bernama) -- Former Women, Family and Community Development minister Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil told the High Court here that she did not know her second son was involved in the National Feedlot Centre project until informed about it in 2007.

KUALA LUMPUR (Nov 1): Datuk Seri Mohd Nazri Aziz said his son's connection with timber tycoon Michael Chia, who has been accused of corruption, does not affect his position or credibility as the minister in charge of parliament and law.
He was responding to allegations of conflict of interest for allegedly exonerating Chia -  who was investigated for attempting to smuggle about RM40 million from Hong Kong to Malaysia  -  when his son, Nedim, was using a luxury vehicle belonging to the tycoon.
"I don't know, that is between my son and Chia. I don't know. If my son is friends with Michael Chia, what has that got to do with me?
"He is not below 21 years, he is an adult," he sai
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And of course Mahathir, Pak Lah and those criminal elites do not have a clues as to what their children are doing too!

What is amazing to me is the audacity of these criminal elites to think that they can get away with plundering and pillaging our nation's coffers for their own financial gains!

But what really really really pisses me off big time is this : If PAS, Amanah, DAP and PKR were one, united in purpose and design.....we would have been able by now, to rid ourselves of not only Umno, BN, Najib and all those criminal elites in Putrajaya....but we would also, by now, be rid of Rosmah and have that Jho Low guy in Sungai Buloh.....and I don't really care where they put that Riza guy....he is just doing what his mummy wants him to do!


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