Sunday 31 July 2016


Malaysians are a very humorous lot you know... This is one example....


Najib: I don't know how the chicken got to the other side of the road, but there's no proof that it is on my side.
IGP Khalid: We will investigate all those who spread mischief online claiming the chicken crossed road.
AG Apandi: We have investigated the matter and found that there was no wrongdoing in the chicken's crossing the road. The chicken has been cleared of all allegations. In fact, we have discovered that the chicken went back to the original side of the road not long after.

Rahman Dahlan: The chicken needs to wake up earlier if it wants to cross the road without paying toll.
Dr M: In my time, chickens didn't cross the road.
Ahmad Maslan: Instead of crossing to the other side, the chicken should work two jobs in order to survive on this side.
Ismail Sabri: We will open another Road Ayam 2.
Hadi: I don't care which side it's on. Is the chicken halal?

saya tambah....!

Arun Paul *Hadi:* Do you have 4 witness that saw the chicken crossing the road?

R HC Leong *Ambiga:* The chicken should be given the right to cross the road, or stay on whichever side of the road it wishes, without persecution or prosecution. 

Vincent Cheong Kam Weng
Vincent Cheong Kam Weng : And the MaCai Association members world say, we don't really mind being the chicken!

Sopian Ahmad
Sopian Ahmad : Najib is confident that he can prove that he is not the chicken. all the chicken are supporting him though. But he could not recall the name of the food for the chicken to keep them coming back!

Kok Son Ong
Kok Son Ong LKS: A Royal Commission of Inquiry should be set up to find out why the chicken crossed the road.
Fauzi Abdulrahman
Fauzi Abdulrahman Wait till u here this.
A old-aged lady student after 2 or 3 English lessons was travelling in a taxi. Suddenly the taxi driver made an emergency brake as an animal was crossing the road.
The lady shouted; "Stupid mutton cross road!"

I cant say more...takut Ketua Pemuda buat repot polis...

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