Friday 29 July 2016

cakap cakap : I do not want a thief, a robber and a liar to be my prime minister. Najib Razak is all that and more!

First posted on Sunday, 6 March 2016

It is not about Anwar Ibrahim becoming prime minister. It is not about DAP, PKR or Umno staying in government or being in government. It certainly is not about race, religion or politics: it is about Najib Razak's suitability to be prime minister of Malaysia.

Umno has outlast five prime ministers, ten deputy prime ministers, fourteen Yang di-Pertuan Agongs, one konfrontasi with Indonesia, one racial riot of 13th May in 1969, the break  up with Singapore over Malaysia, Reformasi and Pakatan Rakyat. It has had six decades of continuous  majority government  

Who says it will not survive 1MDB, survive the fall out from the RM2.6 billion donation deposited into it's president personal account and survive the latest dismissal of another DPM? Who says it will not survive the predicted onslaught by the core group headed by a past Umno president intent upon unseating it's current president?

For every argument that says Umno and Najib Razak will now surely fall as a result of the actions of this core group, I can give two rebuttals why Umno and Najib Razak will not fall.

For every reason given as to why Najib should no longer be it's president, I can provide countless reasons as to why he should stay in office. 

And for every call by the core group for Najib Razak's resignation from the office of prime minister I can provide ample evidence to support the positive influence of Najib's leadership upon the country's economic well being that has resulted in a Malaysia much better than the one he inherited from Abdullah Badawi.

Ditto for whatever negative comments that Najib Razak and his cohorts may have for Mahathr and the core group he leads that is focused on removing Najib from office as prime minister of Malaysia. 

Whatever the arguments put by either side for or against the other, what is now certain is that the rules as to how politics is to be played in Malaysia has now changed. The rule today is that there is no rules,no codes of ethics or morality, nothing is off limits. The failure of Mahathir to unseat Najib over the last year or so only meant that he has to try harder now. 

All that Najib has done in the name of government has been rubbished - some deservedly so but some unfairly so. All the economic "successes", the numerous transformation programs, the various initiatives introduced by Najib's government to improve the nations economy and assist the rakyats most in needs...all have all been taken by the opposition in the very worst possible light. 

All this negativity from Mahathir and the opposition has also failed to unseat Najib Razak as prime minister of Malaysia. So what else is left? 

His character. 

Character means "the aggregate of qualities that distinguishes one person from others. moral constitution or status , reputation."   

Has Najib done anything to disqualify him from political office? From being prime minister?

Before you make a judgement on Mahathir or the opposition for judging the fitness of any person to hold political office based on his/her character you will have to ask yourself how is it that Malaysian politics has now come to this? How does what one do in private life, what indiscretion one has committed in the flush of youth and of course one's sex life, has anything to do with anyone being fit to hold high public office?

The answer to that is simply this. Live by the sword, die by the sword. 

Umno has consistently use the "morality" or good or bad of one's character as being reason enough to prosecute and persecute any one who is perceive to be a threat to Umno's political future. No one more than Anwar Ibrahim has been the victim of such prosecution and persecution. There are more, many more who have endured such persecution and prosecution. Umno arbitrarily criminalize the action of anyone who becomes a threat to Umno's hold. on political power.

It is fitting, is it not, to turn the tables on this current president of Umno, Najib Razak, and ask if he is fit for public office when his character flaws revels him to be not!

And so this what the core group is now focused on : challenging the suitability of Najib Razak to be prime minister when his "character" has shown him to be a flawed individual who by his actions - 1MDB and the RM2.6billion donation deposited into his personal bank account (among other things) - does disqualify him from holding high public office however "legal" his actions are!

So for those of you who have been so vocal in condemning Mahathir and those other 57 who have signed the core group declaration to remove Najib as prime minister, understand that what this core group is doing to Najib is what Najib has done to others - especially to Anwar Ibrahim and many others. 

They are not talking about politics, not talking about the policies and initiatives of this Umno led Barisan Nasional government. It is not about the past deeds,whether good of bad, of Mahathir or any one else of the group of 58 that signed the core group declaration. It is not about Anwar Ibrahim becoming prime minister. It is not about  DAP, PKR or Umno staying in government  or being in government. It certainly is not about race, religion or politics : it is about Najib Razak's suitability to be prime minister of Malaysia. 

As in every "Yes" or "No" situation you will have to take side. Neutrality is not an option because given the state of our nation today, there is no place for "undecided".

You can take a sword and slice the country into two - one side being a "Yes" and the other side a "No" .....but that will not resolve the conundrum we are in today. Either Najib and all those who have been complicit in keeping him in political power goes, or, Najib buries those who are in the core group lock stock and ifs no buts.

I have cast my hopes, my aspirations and every effort within me with the core group for reasons I have many times explained in what I write in my blogs and anywhere else. I reiterate : I do not want a thief, a robber and a liar to be my prime minister. Najib Razak is all that and more! 

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