Tuesday 15 May 2018

Rule of Law & Checks and Balances.

Over and over again...the Mantra of this PH government has been enunciated with deafening clarity...."RULE OF LAW". In each "conversation" Tun has had with us, one on one through the time he has taken to explain to us what it was the PH government is doing via his appearance on TV....he has taken pains to tell us that what we all want is being done and it will be done according to the Laws of the Land.  

And Tun, can you please also look into that other aspect of this "Rule of Law" that at times have been overlooked...even by yourself Sir....a system of "Checks and Balance" to ensure that the Rule of Law is not only adhered to, but is being enforced equitably and fairly across the spectrums of race and religion without fear or favour....or as you said it Sir...nobody is above the law!

Once "Rule of Law" and a system of "Check and Balances" are in place, then ANY government in Putrajaya, will be accountable to the Rakyat. No crook, thief, robber, Bugis Warrior, fake Tunkus or any other questionable characters   can hope to make Seri Perdana their abode and hoodwink the people of this nation any more!

The people not the Prime Minister must rule....and Sir, until this is done, consider your work unfinished. Stay in office as OUR Prime Minister at our pleasure for as long as it is necessary before you pass the baton to anyone else. Tabek Tun! 


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