Monday 14 May 2018

LISTEN CAREFULLY ...We, the rakyat, have finally learned to kick ass and we're enjoying it. As much as we love and respect our new government, we can always install another.

Thank you, Rafizi Ramli. We shall forever remember your courage in exposing the truth at the risk of being jailed, and the sacrifice of your MP-ship in pursuit of that. Your tireless work with Invoke, in galvanizing the electorate with the belief that change was indeed possible, and the center's uncannily accurate polling samples that further fed our conviction will be your enduring legacies.
Thank you, Kak Wan, for picking up the cudgels right after your husband was sent to jail and dedicating 20 years of your life for his/our cause. We've never known an opthamologist-turned-political activist like you and doubt another could walk where your small feet have.
Thank you, Datuk Seri Anwar. An eye-for-eye may sound cliched but the truth couldn't be further in your case as the global infamy of that black eye spawned the nationally-celebrated eye symbol that lifted 32 million Malaysians from more than 60 years of political puerility.
Thank you Tun Dr Mahathir. At the risk of derision, here's another overused line that remains profound, only with you: Age is but a number. How many more of those biological digits we're blessed to have with you, we don't know. But we can only hope that each will chart a new milestone in this Malaysian Renaissance of ours. 
Okay, enough with the plaudits. Now, listen carefully:
We, the rakyat, have come a long way with you. And we're not ready to take anymore B.S. Got it?
Rafizi, you have a problem with the leadership, learn to deal with it with the same maturity you showed on the stump. As voters, we know democracy isn't pretty and appreciate openness as well (Wong Chen, you hearing too?). But venting publicly about something that could've easily been settled at a table or bedside -- which Tun appeared to be heading out to do anyway -- undermines the very investor confidence all of you seek to build ahead of Monday's market opening. Not to forget, it also takes the piss out of us, the rakyat.
Kak Wan, it's time for you to start acting like Deputy Prime Minister if you want the job. Your elegant silence, while elegant in the past, is a deafening roar now. Get a voice and get your people in line.
Datuk Seri Anwar, you've waited 20 years. We're not suggesting another two decades for sure -- there are limits after all for a nonagenarian, no matter how superhuman he may be -- but you are at the cusp of POWER again. Let us believe patience is your virtue, and you'll soon be the leader we deserve.
Tun, 32 million children have placed their faith (again) in this Father of Modern Malaysia to deliver them from the just-deposed Father of Destruction. Like little Aishah in that clip, these children trust you to continue placing their interest, i.e. the nation's, before yours in all that you do. Children like Rafizi sometimes need to hear it more clearly from you, regardless of your good intentions.
The bottomline is this: We, the rakyat, have finally learned to kick ass and we're enjoying it. 
As much as we love and respect our new government, we can always install another.
Thank you.

Mazlan Ahmad

Senior Assistant Commissioner (Retired).

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